Trump Wins Huge Victory Over Liberal Hoaxers

Throughout all of Trump’s presidential term, we heard attacks from the liberal media and politicians. They said he was working with Russia (false). They said he was racist (false). They said he was stupid and incompetent and would drag us into World War III (false).

However, one of the longest-running liberal lies about Trump is he was going to get nailed on tax fraud. Whenever their other scams failed, the left would go back to Trump and his taxes, like the chorus to a really crappy song.

Nothing came of it, but they promised that eventually, someday, Trump would pay! His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, even said Trump would end up in an orange jumpsuit.

Well, now the news is coming out about what’s really going on with Trump and his taxes…

Trump About to Get Hit For Tax Fraud?

The idea that the investigation into Trump is going to come down on him soon is now being exposed as a complete exaggeration. In fact, even fake news CNN, and its top legal mind Elie Hoenig, have been forced to admit the search for tax wrongdoing on Trump has turned up nada.

If you want proof, look at the fact that top Trump Organization figure Matthew Calamari won’t even be facing any charges. Trust me, if prosecutors had dirt on Calamari or Trump’s taxes that was enough to prosecute, they’d be ushering Calamari into a cell and going hard after every possible angle.

This is a big victory for Trump. It shows signs aren’t pointing to real trouble regarding tax wrongdoing that’s enough for a case.

Sure, prosecutors have come up with dirt against Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization. However, the idea they’re about to take down Trump is now very far-fetched.

The liberals have been caught lying once again. (Surprise, surprise!)

What Happens Next?

Even if the Trump Organization gets raked over the coals, human beings don’t go to jail for the conviction of a corporation. That’s not how this works. Trump is proving once again that he deserves the nickname, Teflon Don.

Everyone who comes after him crashes and burns. All the accusations, lies, and rumors about him end up having nothing to them when the rubber meets the road.

You would think after all this time, the left and the corporate media would start to learn their lesson and stop making up lies. However, they just can’t seem to get it through their heads.

Trump and his supporters aren’t going to fall for these tricks anymore; nor will they pretend to believe Trump is uniquely corrupt, compared to any other large business or politician. They all play tax games, but you want us to believe Trump is uniquely bad?

Give me a break.

Game over, guys!