Trump Trolls Biden on Upcoming Putin Meeting

Trump & Biden by ekaden is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

President Biden is getting ready for a big foreign trip. He’s on his way to the UK this weekend where he’ll meet Queen Elizabeth then head to Belgium for a NATO conference. 

Biden later has a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin next Wednesday in Geneva.

Former President Trump trolled Biden about the upcoming meeting, wishing him “good luck” and telling Biden not to doze off during the event.

The Case Against Trump’s America, Mill 19 – Pittsburgh, PA – August 31, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

‘Please Give [Putin] My Warmest Regards!’

Trump also asked Biden to “please give [Putin] my warmest regards!”

This is a clear mockery of the ongoing Russia collusion witch hunt. Remember the witch hunt that Democrats and their media partners used to impeach and slander Trump during his term (even though it had no basis in reality)?

The liberal media went especially insane after Trump had a 2018 press conference with Putin in Helsinki; during this press conference, Trump said he believed Putin’s claims that Russia didn’t hack the US election. 

As Trump noted, the media and Democrats spewed lies about him and Russia, which Trump called a phony hoax driven by disgruntled Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

In truth, the US had a very bad drawback in dealing with Russia and was being embarrassed on the international stage. However, Trump still dealt with it and moved forward, forging a respectful relationship regardless. 

In fact, Trump said his successful 2018 meeting was very good for America and included winning the respect of both Putin and Russian. 

Now, Russia is very much back to not respecting America; Putin himself challenged Biden to a live debate. The Russian president also mocked Biden repeatedly for his inability to remember things or lead decisively. 

The meeting in Geneva is going to be a disaster. Putin will likely be smirking enough to create a thousand memes. 

‘Our Government Rarely [Employed] Such Lowlives’

Trump went on to slam the crew of criminal liars who went after him in office.

This includes the “intelligence” officers who persecuted him (like James Brennan and James Clapper) as well as FBI stooges James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

Trump called them “sleazebags,” saying the United States government has rarely been in a position where they employed such “lowlives.” 

Let’s be honest:

The most Biden can hope from Russia is not to embarrass himself and to stay as quiet as possible. After the Democrat Party’s unsuccessful attempt to frame Trump, Putin can see through Biden’s stuffed suit, lies, and fraud.

As for Putin, his challenge will be not to laugh out loud. After all, Biden and Harris may be very sad jokes. Unfortunately, they are still leading the greatest nation the world has ever known. 

That’s a hornet’s nest Putin doesn’t want to kick.