Trump Supporter Who Said He Wanted to Kill Liberal Members of Congress Faces Up to 10 Years in Jail

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Liberals are rejoicing after a Trump supporter was found guilty of death threats against elected officials and faces a potentially severe sentence of up to 10 years in jail. 

Brendan Hunt is 37 and comes from Queens, New York. He was found guilty of threatening death against elected officials in a verdict that only took the Brooklyn jury three hours to decide. 

I’m sure there were a lot of independents and conservatives in a random jury in Brooklyn to ensure that a fair verdict was reached. 

Hunt posted a video on Jan. 8 two days after the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol in which he said people should kill various progressive politicians in DC. 

The jury said it was a genuine threat and therefore Hunt is guilty of the serious charges. 

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What Did Hunt Say?

Hunt never participated in the protests or riots of Jan. 6. In his video several days later, however, he threatened several members of Congress. This was tried in a federal court in Brooklyn and is a very important case, because it determines how severely violent speech can be punished. 

After posting the video, nothing happened for a week or so, but then on Jan. 19 just prior to Biden being sworn in, the FBI got tipped off on Hunt’s video entitled “KILL YOUR SENATORS: Slaughter them all” and arrested him. 

Hunt put the video up on BitChute, a place that many people are posting things which would otherwise get taken down on YouTube. 

In addition to the video, Hunt also made a number of threatening social media posts where he specifically called for the murder of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others. 

The jury considered the charges over these posts but said they did not amount to a specific threat and found him not guilty on those counts. 

Hunt will be sentenced at the end of June. 

Hunt’s Defense

Hunt’s defense team said that his comments were protected under the First Amendment and weren’t an actual threat. They also emphasized that he never took part in the riot and that his posts weren’t seen by those he threatened. 

“The fact that [the officials] didn’t see any of those posts because he aimed it at them, because he sent it to them, that’s reason to doubt,” said his lawyer Leticia Olivera.

Hunt is actually (surprise, surprise) a registered Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008. He got angry at various things about Obama and eventually drifted right, eventually becoming a strong Trump supporter. 

Team MAGA will welcome any true patriot, but some like Hunt clearly have too many Democrat brain worms to understand what it means to honorably uphold your convictions. Posting deranged videos on social media ain’t it, chief. 

Still, serious questions remained about why this guy is being punished so brutally for posting a stupid video online. 

According to Hunt he was basically severely bored during the pandemic and his anger got the better of him. He was also using drugs and alcohol at the time, he says. In his video threatening politicians he mentions specific methods for how to kill various Senators and people who he said stole the 2020 election from Trump. 

The prosecution also were helped in getting a guilty verdict by emphasizing Hunt’s interest in Nazism and Adolf Hitler, as well as pointing to racist social media posts he’d made.

The prosecution even brought out a text to his dad where Hunt said New York City was a “jungle” and they should move to “a red state with a decent white population that upholds the Constitution.”

In today’s climate that’s enough to be found guilty on the spot. 

Hunt also said Trump supporters should come to the Capitol on Jan. 20 to “put some bullets in their f—ing heads” and urged people to “kill them first” before they could come after Trump supporters.

“I’ll go there myself and shoot them and kill them. We have to take out these senators and then replace them with actual patriots,” Hunt said in the video.