Trump Speech Rocks NRA Convention in Houston

The National Rifle Association’s annual convention is taking place in Houston, starting on Friday. It comes shortly after the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas which claimed 21 lives, including 19 kids.

The convention featured a speech from President Trump, which has the left furious and the right cheering.

Since 1791, the NRA has been the most influential pro-gun organization in the country.

It has been lobbying intensely for upholding the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to gun ownership in the United States.

Trump Speaks

Even in the face of repercussions from the massacre earlier this week, former President Trump remains in favor of continuing maximal gun rights for US citizens.

Trump said there has always been and will be the presence of evil in the world; this cannot be a hindrance to disarming good men and women who respect American law.

During remarks at the convention, Trump highlighted how leftist restrictions would have done nothing to stop the shooter. He emphasized the right to keep and bear arms isn’t related to the actions of one psychopath.

It takes good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns; everyone in the real world knows this, which is a big part of what the NRA convention was about.

Trump Warns About the Left

According to Trump, leftist gun control attempts would not have prevented what happened at Uvalde’s primary school earlier this week.

In his speech at the convention, before saying efforts to increase gun control are ridiculous, Trump cited the names of all the children killed on Tuesday, May 24.

For him, the 19 children murdered were victims of a “lunatic”. That was the way the former president referred to gunman Salvador Ramos, who at 18 bought two AR-15 rifles, one of which he used in the Texas massacre.

Trump’s warning about the left is we shouldn’t give in to the “do something” crowd on gun control. Instead, we should be looking at ways of securing our schools and putting armed guards in them.

Coming Together

Trump concluded by saying Democrats and Republicans across the country must come together to increase security in schools.

After the massacre in Uvalde, many speakers gave up attending the convention and speaking as planned. One of them was Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who ended up addressing the convention with a video message.

This Sunday, May 29, President Biden, along with his wife Jill, will head to Uvalde to pay their respects to the victims’ families and the local community.

Biden’s remarks following the shooting called for increased gun control and said the problem was easy access to guns.

A week earlier, when white supremacist Payton Gendron shot black people to death at Tops Supermarket, Biden emphasized racism as the problem.