Trump Slams China, Fauci and Biden at North Carolina Rally

Trump Maga Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina by The Epoch Times is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Former President Donald Trump is back!

A rally at the North Carolina Republican Convention on Saturday night lit up the crowd and the headlines. Trump took on communist China, Dr. Fauci, the awful Biden administration, the 2022 midterms, and the 2024 election. 

In particular, Trump said China must pay “a minimum” of $10 trillion in reparations to countries of the world; the former president then urged the US to put in a “100% tariff” on any and all goods coming out of China.

While in office, Trump had a good relationship with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping; however, that doesn’t mean China can just walk all over America and get away with spreading COVID, as Trump pointed out.

Isn’t it good to have a real president speaking again, instead of the stuffed suit currently occupying the Oval Office?

President Trump Departs for N.J. by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Trump Goes All Out in Greenville

Trump’s speech in Greenville was all about making sure the GOP dominates in the state during next year’s midterms and 2024; the 45th president’s speech was also about standing up to the destruction and weakness of the Biden administration. 

Trump said that real steps need to be taken in addition to the tariffs and reparations, including canceling “any debt” owed to China by any countries. 

He’s right! Why should countries be paying back any money to an evil communist regime that unleashed a plague on the world and then tried their best to cover it up, giving nobody time to prepare? 

As Trump noted in NC, the economy was doing amazing under him until China and their COVID virus. 

Trump also slammed Dr. Fauci for constantly changing what he says and being wrong on just about everything, including switching around his thoughts on masks.

“He’s been wrong” on just about each issue, Trump said of Fauci. Trump then noted that he usually went in the “opposite” direction than Fauci wanted.

That’s actually a great choice, especially in light of all the lies we found out about Fauci in his recently released emails. 

Real Leadership is Sorely Needed

The warm reception of the room and Trump’s no-nonsense style show just how much real leadership is needed at this time.

The number of people who miss this man and his presidency is honestly hard to count. It’s exactly because he doesn’t mess around with lukewarm statements; he just tells it straight up.

The border’s a mess, China needs to be held accountable, and Fauci and his crowd are dangerous idiots. It’s also time to stand up to the horrible Biden administration. Truth is dropping all around, whenever Trump’s in the building. 

It doesn’t matter that several liberal media channels didn’t stream the speech. I can guarantee you that millions of red-blooded Americans were watching.