Trump Slams Biden’s Weakness on Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is extremely serious.

Russian forces entered the east of the country several days ago after their leader, Vladimir Putin, officially recognized the separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent republics.

With around 200,000 troops ranged around Ukraine’s borders and a military buildup not seen since World War Two, Putin has enormous leverage right now…and he knows it.

Russia’s recognition of the Donbas principalities means any incursion or action blamed on Ukraine can now be used by Moscow as a justification of war. This situation requires a bold leader who follows through on his actions.

Joe Biden is not that leader.

Trump Slams Biden’s Ukraine Waffling

On Ukraine, Biden is doing extremely poorly once again, and Trump is calling him out on it.

For years, Trump was accused of leading America off a cliff and sabotaging our alliances. He was even falsely accused of working with Russia.

Whereas now that Trump is out of office, we can see the record and reflect; no nations attacked America under Trump, but Biden’s time in office has been a string of failures.

In a February 22 statement, Trump called out Biden on Ukraine, saying our doddering leader let the situation get completely out of control in a way that had no need to happen.

As Trump notes, during his term, Putin would never have done something like this, because he knew he wouldn’t get away with it.

Under Biden, however, Trump notes Russia has become “very rich” by the huge hike in gas prices, as it helps supply needy nations who want its oil.

Trump: Donbass is ‘Strategically’ Vital

Speaking further, Trump noted Ukraine’s Donbass is strategically vital and Biden’s “weak sanctions” are a completely ineffective hit back against Putin. In fact, as Russia’s actions drive up the price of oil, Putin and his corrupt inner circle are only making more money.

Trump is right that Putin didn’t do this under his watch; that’s because Putin knew Trump isn’t just talk. Trump would have hit, and he would have hit hard and fast.

Biden is just sending some crates of weapons to Ukraine and stopping a few dollars from being sent between east Ukraine and any American businesses or individuals.

It’s not nearly enough to stop a massive, mobilized army with a chip on its shoulder.

Will This Be Another Afghanistan?

Thinking back to Afghanistan last summer, many of us have bitter memories of Biden’s lies, delays, and betrayal. He told us the nation was ready to defend itself. Then, he rapidly pulled out US troops, including from Bagram airbase.

This left America defenseless as the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took back over the country. Biden said it was a surprise for everyone.

Documents later surfaced, showing he’d been warned the crucial Afghan air force would collapse well in advance of his summer 2021 pullout.

Let’s hope this will not be another Afghanistan, for our sake and for the sake of Ukraine.