Trump Reveals His Prediction About the Future of the Conservative Movement

Former President Donald Trump has been criticized for a lot of things. 

One thing you’ll never hear him criticized for is for being a bad politician. His media instinct is second to none and he has a grasp of politics that’s so talented that far-left professor Noam Chomsky even called Trump a “genius.”

Trump knows how to get media attention and he also knows about who wins and who loses. 

The establishment spent years telling us he could never win in 2016 and then once he won they spent years saying he’d never get anything done and would start a world war with North Korea.

They were wrong about all of it. And Trump was right: about the border, about the economy, about lockdowns, about foreign policy. 

Now he has more to say about the future of the Republican Party and where it goes from here. 

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Trump Tells the Truth About the GOP

In a recent interview, Trump explained that the future of the GOP looks bright, but it has to embrace the new wave of the future. The days of the establishment when you just agree with Democrats and do anything to keep the donor money flowing are now over. 

Trump said the Republican party and conservative movement has a deep bench with some very strong contenders on it and said that the future of the conservative movement depends on people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Press Secretary and current Arkansas Governor candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

He also named South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Senators Rand Paul, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz as top members who will define the future of the GOP. 

There you have it: the GOP dream team straight from the mouth of Trump. You’ll notice these are also all the people that the progressive media hates and smears the most, constantly making up lies and controversies around them over small things. 

Although Trump hasn’t yet officially said whether he will be running again in 2024, if he doesn’t run these are clearly his shortlist for who he’d endorse. 

You’ll notice who’s not on there: former VP Mike Pence. 

Trump Calls Out Conservative Traitors

In the same interview, Trump unloaded on disloyal members of the conservative movement including Senator Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney, all of whom Trump said are “not good” for the future of the GOP. 

These are all establishment figures who would have preferred Trump never came along to rock the boat. 

Trump said it’s important to have a strong Republican party that’s united and strong in opposition to the Democrats since “they stick together, theyโ€™re smart and theyโ€™re vicious.”

It’s also clearly true that the Democrats have the advantage of having much of the mainstream media on their side and free advertising in the form of “interviews” and pundits who promote their policies like paid members of the DNC. 

The Democrats also have 95% of Hollywood and pop culture on their side, blasting propaganda 24/7 to try to shame, embarrass and insult conservatives so they’ll go away and give up their beliefs. 

The only main weak spot for Democrats according to Trump?

“They have lousy policy.”

As we’re seeing during this pandemic, policy matters. It matters a lot. And if the Democrats don’t start being smarter they’re going to lose Hispanics and huge parts of their base because of their idiotic policies. 

What do you think about Trump’s predictions for the future of the GOP? Is he right? Who else would you remove from his list or add? 

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