Trump Makes Fun of Biden for Napping During Climate Change Conference in Scotland

Joe Biden loves his naps. The rest of us are dealing with runaway inflation, a wide-open southern border, a major loss in Afghanistan, and woke insanity taking over our schools. But Biden? He’s just chilling and catching some Zs.

If you think back to President Trump’s term, it was a whole different story: love him or hate him, nobody could deny Trump was a bundle of energy. Even when he caught COVID, he came out on the balcony and waved.

The man was an absolute powerhouse of physical fortitude and alertness. Now, we’re led by a walking advertisement for sleeping pills.

Biden Takes a Break…During a Major International Conference

Leaving aside the embarrassing things we’re hearing about Biden’s bathroom incident at the Vatican, let’s get into what happened recently at the climate conference in Scotland.

As other leaders whined on and on about how bad the peasants are for driving and eating meat, Biden couldn’t keep his eyes open. He drifted off to dreamland while his globalist buddies droned on.

Noticing what happened, Trump mocked him, emailing out a message observing that “even Biden” wasn’t able to put up with the “Global Warming Hoax.” The ironic and embarrassing part of this isn’t being bored by woke global warming nonsense: we all are.

The embarrassing part is Biden was going to the EU to talk about the threat of it in the first place. Then, instead of taking it seriously he just…fell asleep.

The UN Climate Summit: What’s That?

The place where Biden fell asleep was the UN Climate Summit on Monday. This is a big gig where top globalists fly on gas-guzzling private jets to gather and talk about how we’re all going to die from greenhouse gas and eating burgers.

While a man was talking about how the future of our food supply and everything will be ruined by global warming, Biden decided to take a nap and slept for a bit before an assistant came and nudged him.

Hey, POTUS, wake up! You’re supposed to care about this stuff and believe it! With Biden’s 79th birthday coming up this month (and his numerous incidents of exhaustion, falling down, and memory loss), there’s no doubt he doesn’t belong in charge of the most powerful country in the world.

The Bottom Line

Biden wants to spend huge amounts of money on climate change activism and Green New Deal policies that will push electric cars. Biden wants to tighten the vice grip on America and the whole free world.

He’s trying to do this under the excuse of trying to save the environment as our lives become more and more limited and all freedom is taken away. It’s an old formula: give up all your rights to stay safe!

Well…if Biden is serious about his globalist agenda, the least he can do is stay awake while its activists go on about how necessary it is!