Trump Issues Strong Endorsement

Next Tuesday, August 2, we will have the outcome of the Michigan primary. Among many other candidacies, this will determine who will face Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

In this five-Republican contest, President Trump has weighed in in favor of Tudor Dixon, a conservative commentator. He was chosen by Trump to receive his coveted endorsement.

This primary is important; all eyes are now watching to see just how much difference this Trump endorsement will make.

Why is Trump Endorsing Dixon?

On Friday, July 29, Trump made his full support for Dixon clear. Trump said, at the time he met Dixon, she didn’t even have that much notoriety, but he noticed she had something special.

In April of this year, during a rally, Trump also praised her, causing Dixon to gain many supporters and a lot of political street credit among the GOP base.

Let’s face it: the Republican primaries in Michigan have been a circus-worthy clown show so far.

For one thing, two of the leading candidates in the primaries were caught trying to tamper with the nomination petitions. One of them is Perry Johnson and the other is James Craig, former Detroit police chief.

Then, you have former candidate Ryan Kelley, who ended up being busted for taking an active part in the January 6 riots and was arrested by the FBI. Oops. I guess he’s not going to be the next Michigan governor!

What a debacle! In this kind of bizarre environment, there’s no doubt Dixon has the potential to really clean up and take home the nomination. All she has to do is not be corrupt and stand up for America.

Who’s Left?

After all these other clowns have made fools of themselves, there isn’t a hell of a lot of candidates left in Michigan. One who is still standing tall is Kevin Rinke, a successful businessman who has invested a lot of money in his campaign.

In the face of these circus candidates, Dixon has received a lot of mass support from Republicans.

She also has direct support from several groups, including the anti-abortion group Michigan Right to Life. Dixon was already seen as the most likely candidate for the primary nomination. Trump’s endorsement only reinforced what was already foreseen.

It looks like he’ll be picking a winner this time; although we will have to wait for results to see for sure.

Dixon vs. Whitmer

If Dixon is actually nominated, she will face the current Democratic governor, Whitmer, whose main campaign motto is the defense of abortion rights and cracking down on conservatives and basic rights during COVID.

Michigan may sometimes lean left, but if you ask me, that’s a race that Dixon can win with one hand tied behind her back.