Trump is Planning to Announce 2024 Run Any Day

Former President Donald Trump said months ago that he’s already made his decision on running in 2024. Now political insiders are saying that Trump definitely plans to run and will announce this in the near future.

The news comes from Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, who recently gave a reporter the update. Jordan said he’s spoken to Trump recently and that the Donald plans to announce very soon.

Breaking the News

This news came from Lauren Windsor of Undercurrent TV; she was at an event where Jordan gave her the update. Jordan claimed he talked recently to Trump and that Trump told Jordan he’s “about ready” to let people know he’s running.

Jordan is a close ally of Trump; it’s quite likely he really has been talking to Trump, so there are a lot of reasons to believe there’s something to this. He’s choosing this moment because of the “craziness” that happened with Biden’s Afghanistan pullout, according to Jordan.

Jordan says Trump told him the announcement will happen in a matter of a few days. If Trump does announce in the coming days, we can be sure it will make huge waves in our media, which has also begun to turn on Biden.

Plus, as a master showman, Trump always knows how to generate maximum publicity and hype around his events and announcements.

Jordan Denies the Statements

In a strange twist, however, Jordan’s office is saying he never told Windsor that. Windsor, therefore, put out the video which shows Jordan definitely did say it. This seems strange, but when you dig deeper, the reason becomes clear.

Jordan’s denial is interesting; it actually makes Jordan’s statements more convincing since he wasn’t supposed to say them and wanted them to stay secret. Trump would want to create maximum buzz ahead of his comeback; therefore, it stands to reason he’d be annoyed with Jordan for leaking it.

If anything, this shows that it’s actually more likely to be true.

Why We Need Trump Back

The list of reasons we need Trump back is almost endless. Trump wasn’t perfect, but he loved this country and its people, unlike Joe Biden, the current occupant of the White House. Trump put America First.

Trump revitalized our economy, secured our border, stood up for America and Israel abroad, and made America First his guiding principle. He was an excellent commander-in-chief who our troops loved; even those who didn’t vote for Trump eventually (and grudgingly) admitted to loving the guy.

Our liberal media’s attempts to get rid of Trump and stoke up completely bogus impeachments against him never worked. He was a great president and he deserves another chance to lead this nation’s recovery from the horrific Biden years.