Trump Holds Huge and Epic MAGA Rally in Ohio

Former President Trump held a huge rally recently in Wellington, Ohio that was attended by a massive crowd. 

The MAGA spirit is definitely back; you can be sure Biden’s advisers were watching this with a hint of fear in their eyes. 

The speech went very well and Trump was high-energy all evening. 

It was the perfect night for patriots to get out there and cheer for America. 

Optimism was in the air, to say the least. 

MAGA Tour 2.0

This ongoing MAGA rally tour is going to go across the country, including next to our Southern border and many other states. 

You can bet that Trump will have more to say about the border and what’s going on there. 

Meanwhile, the media is going to have to cover him because this is a newsworthy event: a former president rallying supporters ahead of next year’s midterm elections and potentially setting himself up for a run in 2024. 

This is big news, whether the liberal media likes it or not. 

What Did Trump Say?

In his speech, Trump talked about the threat that liberals pose to this country and the extreme danger of open borders. 

He also indirectly called out Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, whose little hissy fit in Congress showed his true colors. Milley said it’s appropriate for the Army to be studying critical race theory; Milley also talked about “white rage” and how it was supposedly behind the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. 

As Trump said, “woke” ideas like this have no place in our great military!

You don’t win wars by dividing people based on race or going on about left-wing ideas that were literally designed to collapse societies. 

Does Milley have any idea how many Trump supporters are people of color?

At the Ohio rally, Trump also slammed the Supreme Court for backing down from doing more on the election that he believes was stolen by Biden and the Democrats. 

Trump is still even more popular than many people realize, and him running in 2024 is definitely a possibility. 

Welcome to the Comeback Tour

Trump was introduced by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is an increasingly popular bulldog fighter for conservatives. 

She savaged Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and called her a communist who wants to impose the Green New Deal on us.

Greene said AOC isn’t actually American and “doesn’t embrace our American ways.”

This crowd loved Greene and Trump. They want more MAGA truth telling. 

Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he’s going to rally patriots together to Save America. 

They kicked him off Twitter and Facebook and have tried to muzzle our president; however, he’s kept putting out hilarious, correct statements and most of all, everything he said has come true. 

If anything, that’s earned him even more new supporters who realize that the liberal media and the Democrat machine can only do two things:

  1. Lie
  2. Attack patriots

They’re just not buying it anymore.