Trump Has Been Right On Almost Everything

Donald Trump is like the ghost of the White House.

He still lives there, but he doesn’t pay rent. His warnings still echo through the walls and are coming true every day in the horrible failures of the Biden regime.

The left hates to admit it, but almost everything Trump warned about has come true.

It’s been almost a year and a half since Trump left the Oval Office. It’s clear that many hate him and do not agree with his ideas. Though can we all at least admit he has been right about a lot of things?

Facing Reality

Many Americans are currently paddling on a boat stuck in the middle of a storm on the high seas. Joe Biden is telling them the waves are Vladimir Putin’s fault, or Trump’s fault, or their own fault. He’s lying.

Recently, Trump has brought up two issues that show how right he’s been.

One is related to the 2018 Pulitzer Prize awards. These were handed out to reporters who got famous out of the fake Trump-Russia collusion story they ran with during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump told Pulitzer’s office such an award was entirely based on fake news and is now suing them.

He is outraged and added The New York Times and Washington Post should have done much more at the time. They should have shown the untruths to the nation and dug into the false claims against him.

This lawsuit has shown just how stark and dishonest the fake news industry is and how willing they were to knowingly lie in order to try to hurt Trump.

The prizes they hand out are just empty window dressing to reward their own side.

Take the Pulitzer Prize or even the 2009 Nobel Prize given to Barack Obama; these are pure politics and part of a dirty game in which the left rewards its own.

Trump Proven Right Again

Another point raised by Trump was the acquittal of one of Clinton’s lawyers and the Democrat Party, Micheal Sussmann, regarding his lies to the FBI.

As Trump posted on his Website Truth Social, the American legal system is corrupt; the judges are extremely partisan and weak and our country is in rough shape.

Many elections are fraudulent, inflation is uncontrolled, the borders are unprotected, and we need real leadership once again.

Trump warned us the media hated the people. He warned us sky-high gas prices were coming. He warned us the border would go to hell.

He warned us Biden would make America a laughingstock on the world stage. He was right about all of it.

Let’s Be Honest

Trump has been right about almost everything. Every single person who voted for Biden is to blame for the mess we’re now in.