Trump Furious After Results of Sussman Trial

The Hillary Clinton campaign did everything it could to defame Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016. They tried to steal the election from him by fabricating a Russiagate collusion narrative and making up all sorts of criminal complaints about Trump.

The fact these turned out to be false was later revealed, but the damage they did to Trump’s reputation and to his campaign was real. He has to wage an uphill campaign against all odds in order to survive Clinton’s lie machine.

One of the representatives of the lying machine was Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman, who was investigated by the special counsel for lying to the FBI to help Clinton.

Essentially, Sussman lied about criminal findings in an investigation of Trump to the FBI, spurring part of an investigation and suspicion into the candidate.

Lying to the FBI is a serious crime…

…But Sussman Has Been Found Not Guilty!

It turns out being a hotshot lawyer who knows your way in and out of the system and is protected by the Clinton machine has its benefits. Sussman is experiencing those now, having been found not guilty of lying to the FBI.

In other words, despite telling direct lies to the FBI on record about candidate Trump, Sussman has been found legally not guilty of doing so.

Trump, for his part, is absolutely furious.

He posted on TRUTH social that the US judicial system is “CORRUPT” and said the country is “going to HELL.” He added Sussman being “not guilty” is just another sign of how badly we are off track as a country.

Whether you believe Trump is just a showman or he truly means it, his inside cabinet confirmed his temper is very much real.

He’s also clearly going with this apocalyptic messaging these days, with his current branding dropping the MAGA motto and going for “SAVE AMERICA.” It’s short and sweet.

Either way, Sussman is walking free.

As long as he keeps his lips tightly sealed, he will also hopefully be able to avoid an “unfortunate accident” or “suicide” like a large number of certain other individuals who have been involved in matters potentially harmful to the Clintons.

The Truth

What went down is simple. Sussman served as a messenger boy for Deep State lackeys, who worked to undermine Trump’s candidacy and spread suspicion about him to federal authorities.

We now know Clinton and Obama also spied on the Trump campaign and committed treasonous actions against him while he was POTUS.

As special counsel John Durham said about the Sussman findings, we are “disappointed.”

That’s saying the least of it. Living in a system where elites get special treatment because they’re on the right side of politics is like something more out of a corrupt banana republic, not the United States of America.