Trump Enemy Chris Christie Comes Back To Harass Him

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump go back a fair way.

During Trump’s 2016 run, Christie was eventually shown the door, due to clashing with Jared Kushner. It makes sense, since Christie helped put Kushner’s dad in jail.

Though now Christie is back. He claims to hate Trump now and is reportedly weighing a 2024 run to try to beat both Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Can Christie Pull It Off?

Christie may look like a clown, but he’s a savvy politician. He knows how to feed the liberal and conservative media the kind of hype and sound bytes they thrive on.

Christie is already making the rounds in New Hampshire, which is first in the nation for primary voting just after the Iowa caucuses.

He is trying to figure out a way to capture the GOP nomination and says that only someone like him knows how to damage Trump’s ego and actually get to him.

Christie showed how it’s done after demolishing Senator Marco Rubio in the 2016 election debate when he mocked Rubio’s repetition of talking points and humiliated him onstage.

He has now made it clear his line of attack against Trump as well and it’s quite simple: he says Trump is addicted to the drama and creates a “circus” around his ego.

Christie says instead of good judgment, Trump rates people on who agrees with what he says and bows down to him.

The Next Step

Christie is a hardball lawyer. He likes having a good fight and he’s not afraid to get personal.

His position on ABC News as a commentator has kept him fairly well-known and his 2016 antics are still memorable.┬áChristie’s next step will be to continue to build primary traction, get PAC money, and flood the media.

He’s definitely going to try to stir up more drama and goad Trump into a response, at which time he’ll make a lot of headlines.

Essentially, Christie looks like he’s going to pursue Trump’s brilliant 2016 strategy of getting unpaid media coverage by stirring up conflicts and back-and-forths on and offstage.

Could it work? Doubtful. Though stranger things have happened and we’re still very near the beginning of this race.