Trouble Brewing Inside the Democrat Party as Biden, Harris Humiliated in Georgia

We hear a lot in the media about how the Republican Party was supposedly turned upside down by President Trump. The reality is the party was brought together by him.

However, the real story is about the Democrat Party. Their power in the White House is turning out to be a big disappointment.

Joe Biden can barely put a sentence together. Kamala Harris has divided the country and hurt her own reputation so badly she’s basically considered toxic goods within the party.

The latest example and proof of this comes from the state of Georgia…

What Happened?

The Democrats are obsessed with the state of Georgia and trying to say the GOP is stealing voting rights there. Their proof? The GOP wants people to show ID to vote and other basics.

The party’s national leadership, such as Harris, sees Georgia as a place they’d like to turn purple and as a backdrop they can use, due to its civil rights history. Biden and Harris recently showed up in Georgia to use it for photo ops.

Yet, they didn’t get the welcome they were hoping for. In fact, state Democrats said they wouldn’t be attending the Biden-Harris speech because they were busy dealing with voting rights issues.

This huge slap in the face is a major humiliation for the national leadership of the party and for Biden and Harris personally.

They were basically told by their own party’s base they’re not needed and their photo ops aren’t a priority for grassroots folks who are advancing the agenda on the ground.

The Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

At the moment, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act are the focus and Georgia is the battleground.

Biden and Harris want to make this into a showpiece, particularly as they accuse Republicans of being deranged insurrectionists who hate democracy.

These bills actually have nothing to do with fighting imaginary voter suppression. They are just about cutting into red states and making sure Democrats eventually build a permanent majority that can’t be touched.

Meanwhile, the Build Back Better bill is stalled in the Senate, hopefully permanently stalled. The Freedom to Vote Act expands access to the ballot and protects election officials.

The Bottom Line

Leading Georgia Democrats like Stacey Abrams aren’t going to Biden’s speech. Abrams says she has a conflict in her schedule, but nobody’s buying that.

When the president gives a speech and you’re a state party member, you show up!

No, this is about something far deeper. Biden and Harris have lost the confidence and enthusiasm of their own base. These people have no interest in being photo op puppets anymore.

The upcoming midterms keep looking better every day.