‘Trans Athlete’ Robs Girl of Medal in New Bout of Transgenderist Abomination

A “trans athlete” – that is, a male claiming to be a female – robbed a real girl athlete of her state finals spot in California – leading the latter to give him a “big thumbs down,” a report reveals.

Sickening Transgenderism Case

Using various perfidious tools, Democrats managed to force their claim that it’s perfectly fine for men to compete in girls’ and women’s sports – as long as those “men” just renounce their “maleness” and agree to call themselves female.

A new nauseating case in hand has been a California high school contest. A girl was left fourth, therefore skipping the state finals in running, because of the presence of a man alleging he is a girl, The Daily Mail reports.

A video caught Adeline Johnson, a female runner of Branson High School. She remained fourth and made a “big thumbs down” gesture after “losing” her state finals spot.

The Male Didn’t Even Win

The big winner – or, rather, a terrible, delusional and disgraced loser – in the race was the “trans athlete” called Athena Ryan.

To paint a full picture of the absurdity that Americans are forced to deal with, the sporting event – CIF – North Coast Section Champions’ Meet – saw clashes between rightfully enraged parents and aggressive thug protesters.

During the medal ceremony for the 1,600-meter race, Johnson clearly expressed her outrage to the audience with her thumbs down gesture.

The big joke in that case, though, is on the transgenderists since their representative – Athena Ryan – actually failed to win the race. He remained only second, despite being a biological male.

Ryan, who is from Sonoma Academy, will move on to compete in the track and field championships of the California Interscholastic Federation next week – clearly, with no sense of shame, honesty, and basic human decency.

The video in which Johnson gave the thumbs down was published only by a body called “Independent Council on Women’s Sports,” clearly in opposition to the transgender insanity that the left is forcing upon America.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.