Tragic News for Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is an American legend. He’s one of the few Hollywood actors who’s not woke, who’s consistently supported our troops, and provided high-quality entertainment.

Unfortunately, Willis has received some very bad news which has many worried about the future of his career and his ability to continue making movies.

Here’s what happened…

Willis’ Disturbing Diagnosis

In a social media post from his daughter Rumer, Willis’ tragic news was released.

It turns out he has been diagnosed with aphasia. This is a condition that makes it hard to speak or understand what is going on around you. It comes as the result of a stroke or tumor.

Details of Willis’ condition have not been described by Rumer; although she said his “cognitive” abilities are not as good as they used to be and it’s been a severely “challenging” time for the Willis family.

When it comes to “cognitive” skills being impacted, this basically means he’s having trouble understanding things. Willis’ movie-making future is definitely in question at this point.

Aphasia is a very serious condition and makes it difficult to speak or communicate in any way. It usually comes as a result of a stroke or brain tumor, and some people are also speculating that it could be related to the COVID vaccine.

Willis’ B-List Blitz

In recent years, Willis has been making more and more B-list movies where there isn’t as much dialog.

The Razzie awards for worst movies even made their own Bruce Willis category a couple of months ago because of how many crappy movies he was spewing out.

The Razzies have now cancelled their special Willis category in light of this sad news. The fact of the matter is that it looks like Willis was doing the best he could in light of his deteriorating condition.

Plus, everyone likes to unwind with a bad B-movie full of silly situations now and then.

Willis’ Decline

People who’ve worked closely with Willis said it’s been noticeable; he’s gone downhill and he’s often become disoriented about where he is, making him unable to remember his lines.

This is part of why Willis has been doing lower-budget films with less dialogue in recent years.

He would generally show up for a shoot for a day or two and also have other stand-ins help him with the action sequences because it was getting harder for him.

This just goes to show you never know the struggles someone is going through until you walk in their shoes.

The Bottom Line

This is the sad winding down of an amazing career, but we’ll never forget America’s favorite action star.

We welcome any more movies that Willis will hopefully still make in the future!