Top Trump Ally Exposes Dark Plot Against POTUS

The witch hunt against former President Donald Trump is only getting worse, but behind the scenes, something even more sinister is going on.

This was recently exposed by America First Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) in New York. MTG is helping expose a crucial fact about the Trump witch hunt that we should all be aware of.

Meet Judge Juan Merchan

Recently appearing in New York to face the indictment against him on financial fraud, Trump was adamant that he’s innocent.

Supporters cheered him on. MTG spoke in his defense, as anti-Trump fanatics blew whistles to drown her out and shouted racist slogans against white people.

As MTG is pointing out, the judge in Trump’s case, Juan Merchan, has donated to numerous Democrats.

His daughter Loren Merchan literally worked on Kamala Harris’ 2020 failed campaign for President. We’re supposed to believe this guy would give Trump a fair trial?

Disturbing Ties

The mainstream media is claiming that MTG and the Trump family posting about Merchan is a form of intimidation and harassment. All it is, however, is a factual pointing out of the conflict of interest that exists in this case.

Merchan has various ties to donating to Democrats; his own daughter worked for the campaign of a leftist who hates Trump and conservatives with a passion.

Leaving aside the intelligence of somebody who would work for Kamala Harris, we can see that Merchan undoubtedly has a strong bias here.

As the leftist mob ramps up its violence and the persecution of Trump heats up ahead of the 2024 election, it’s all the more vital that this case not be politicized.

A quick look at Merchan’s record makes it clear he cannot be counted on for that simple requirement.

The Bottom Line

This case needs to be moved somewhere else. Merchan is clearly not an objective judge and politics has too much of a chance of swaying any judgments he makes.