Top Progressive Politician Makes Ridiculous Claim About Freedom

In the film Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s cry for “freedom” is an iconic film moment. Freedom and the right to live life the way you want and choose your job and religion are the basis of the American system.

Whereas now top progressive politician and 2024 presidential hopeful California Governor Gavin Newsom is making some ridiculous claims. According to him, California is leading the way in keeping freedom alive.

Yes, this is the guy who forced masks on everyone, shut schools, and tried to put an experimental jab in the arm of anything that walked.

What Exactly Did Newsom Say?

During the California governor’s inauguration, Gavin Newsom said freedom is essential and that his state exemplifies it.

Newsom must have hit his head and forgotten that California was one of the states which suffered the most from lockdown policies during the pandemic.

Perhaps, in a parallel reality, California is even a totally open and utopian state like some kind of fantasy world like Alice in Wonderland.

Whereas in reality, California was and is a den of corruption, overregulation, crime, and lack of freedom. Take the pandemic as just one example… It wasn’t just that people were annoyed or lonely.

Newsom’s draconian crackdowns hurt the state’s economy; several large companies were even forced to close or leave the site, including Tesla switching one of its main production hubs.

Freedom is exemplified by his state, seriously? No, Newsom is going to have to look in a bit of a different location to find out where freedom is alive and well…

Freedom is On the March Down South

In contrast, conservative governors of the South and Midwest have really nurtured the hope of freedom and stood up for freedom-loving patriots. This is the case of Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, and Arkansas’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

DeSantis said during his inaugural address that Florida would do anything to protect freedom and he’s not joking around. The current governor of Florida knows conservative values are necessary for the survival of his state and the American republic.

DeSantis has been a tyrant’s nightmare, standing up to COVID, wokeness, and every other threat to liberty, which is why the left hates him so much.

Achieving Excellence in Arkansas

In Arkansas, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders took some steps as soon as she took office to protect freedom and the Constitution.

Sanders immediately cut five executive orders on COVID made by predecessor Governor Asa Hutchinson. She also issued orders to combat racism that were actually just wokeness in disguise in the education system.

Another point, established by Sanders, was to cut lots of the useless middle management bureaucracy in her state that was pushing far-left indoctrination and big government.

In Virginia, Glenn Yougkin continues in an uphill battle to preserve conservative values in the state, but he’s not giving up anytime soon. It’s crucial that freedom be preserved and present now and forever.

Newsom and his Democratic debauchery are far from doing that, but luckily there are still some patriots left.