Top Disney Official Admits to Sick Sexual Agenda Against Kids

Florida recently put through a law to stop teachers from talking about sex with young kids. For some reason, liberals are calling it the “don’t say gay” bill.

What it actually is, is just basic protection for young kids from being brainwashed with strange sexual ideas and talk about things they have no need to be talking about with teachers.

However, the left is furious. Actor Ron Perlman, for example, recently called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a “piece of sh*t” and a “f***ing Nazi.”

Another group that’s angry is the Walt Disney corporation, which is run by a group of committed leftists. Now, they are taking the mask off; what’s underneath is, frankly, horrifying.

Disney President Backs Brainwashing Kids With Sexual Messaging

Karey Burke is the corporate president of Disney.

On a recent Zoom call about DeSantis’ new law, she talked about her child who’s “pansexual” and another who is “transgender.”

She said she wants as much LGBT messaging for kids in Disney content as possible, at least to a minimum of 50% of the characters and content.

She mocked those who say that Disney has a secret “gay agenda,” noting there is nothing secret about it. Burke said she’s added as much “queerness” as possible into kids’ cartoons.

Regardless of how you feel about the LGBT ideology and worldview, why is sexual content going into kids cartoons at all? Young children watch this content and learn about life from it.

Why are adults like Burke teaching them everything in life is sexual and about wanting to sleep with someone? It’s actually quite sick and cynical.

It’s not normal for kids to be thinking about sex or about their sexual identity when they haven’t even gone through puberty yet.

Then again, people like Burke want to hand out puberty blockers so kids don’t go through the puberty that nature intended for them.

The Bible Belt Was Right

Everything religious people warned about in the Bible Belt was true.

They said if we moved down the path to normalizing alternative sexual identities, abortion, and drug use, we would bring down disaster on ourselves.

Let’s look at the current situation: a world economy that’s crashing, we’re on the brink of World War Three, and kids cartoons are encouraging kids to cut their genitals; meanwhile, America is in the grip of record high suicides, drug overdoses, and despair.

The Bottom Line

It’s not as if Burke is alone; other producers such as LaToya Raveneau are also busily introducing sexual propaganda into Disney content, including a new cartoon series called The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.

These people do not have the best interests of kids in mind. They are introducing their own ideas and sex obsessions into children’s content.

Turn off Disney and other kids’ cartoons; boycott it fully if you want to protect your family.