Top Chicago Police Boss Tells Officers to Resist COVID Vax Mandate

The COVID vaccine has become a big controversy because globalists like Joe Biden have made it a big deal. Instead of leaving it up to people’s own medical choices, they have forced it on federal workers and pushed it on everybody if they want to keep working or running a business.

The result, understandably, is a lot of folks are pretty upset. This isn’t only about those who want to remain unvaccinated, but also about vaccinated people who don’t want America to become a bio-fascist dictatorship that forces shots on people.

Now, one of America’s most important institutions is our police. The chief of the Chicago Police Union is taking a stand against tyranny and telling cops not to submit to forced vaccination.

Top Chicago Cop Warns Against Vax Mandate

John Catanzara is the head of one of Chicago’s top police unions; he’s also sick and tired of hearing about how everyone must get vaccinated. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a racist hag who formerly said she’d only do interviews with black reporters.

Now, she’s considering putting in a COVID vaccine mandate for all city workers, including cops, that would require constant COVID tests for those who don’t get the shot. In other words, it would hit unvaccinated cops with so many regulations they’d have to quit without being paid.

Chicago has a huge amount of police with 13,000 officers; there are a large number of these brave men and women who, quite simply, do not want this experimental shot. Catanzara is telling Lightfoot and her Democrat idiot friends to tread carefully.

A mass walk-out of Chicago cops would not be good for a city which is already in anarchy with daily gun violence and psychopathic drug dealers roaming its neighborhoods.

Catanzara Threatens Mass Walkout

Specifically, Catanzara said Chicago would lose about “50%” of its police force if Lightfoot pushes through the vaccine mandate now. Is he exaggerating? Maybe, but even a walkout of 20% or 25% of Chicago cops would be catastrophic for the city.

If Lightfoot actually cared about Chicago at all – especially the lives of innocent black Americans in dangerous inner city neighborhoods – she would not be about to push through a law that will gut her city’s police force.

Lightfoot and the city will now require all city workers to say whether they’re vaxxed or not; she also responded by saying she doesn’t care what Catanzara says because it’s “false” and he’s wrong.

Instead, Lightfoot claims this new law is aimed at creating “safe” places to work and says if you’re unvaccinated, you can kill those you love and shouldn’t be working in public.

Catanzara Slams ‘Nazi’ Style Vaccine Laws

As Catanzara said, we’re not in “Nazi Germany” and we need to stop trying to force people to take medical treatments they don’t want.

We already see the dark road we’re going down; the pressure is massive in blue states and blue cities to get the vax. This does not look good for the future.