This Traitor Did The Most Damage to America in 2021

You know what Joe Biden would do if he were a good president? He would punch himself in the face. I’m serious.

The oath he swore upon leading this nation vowed him to fight all enemies, including domestic enemies. Right now, there is no greater domestic opponent of our Constitution than Joseph R. Biden.

Here’s why…

Why Biden is the Top Traitor

There are plenty of leftists and liberals causing a headache for patriots. However, the reason Biden comes first for 2021 is simple: he’s president. The blame and responsibility rests with him for the decisions he’s made and the betrayals he’s done.

His administration (from Joint Chiefs head Mark Milley to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas) is rotten to the core. Yet still, ultimately, they just work for Joe Biden.

The blame lies with him, and what a large amount of blame it is. From opening our southern border to abandoning Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, Joe Biden has had a blockbuster year for treason.

The left’s narrative is obvious: Biden is just doing his best with the mess Trump left him. He’s a flawed man who’s done everything he can to respond to our economic and COVID crisis, and we should all cut him some slack.

However, all it takes is a closer look for a minute or two in order to see this narrative is nonsense.

Biden’s Seditious 2021

Biden is not to blame for everything that’s gone wrong this past year.

However, he is to blame for the deaths of our 13 brave servicemen and servicewomen this past summer in Afghanistan. He is to blame for the thousands of Americans and Afghan allies who had to run for their lives to get away from the Taliban.

He and his awful VP Kamala Harris are certainly responsible for sending the message our southern border was open. This encouraged cartels and traffickers to flood the border with human cargo, exposing our Border Patrol to killers, COVID, and human misery.

Yet, you never heard the liberal media talk about Biden’s caging of kids. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never went down there to get a photo op of her crying. The media ignored the whole crisis.

As China builds up its Navy and our ports get jammed with logistical problems, Biden is talking about white supremacy and omicron. He’s still blaming Trump for everything that’s going wrong.

However, the thing is we’ve rounded out 2021 and Trump is no longer president. It’s time for Biden to man up and admit he’s failing hard.

There was no plan for COVID. There was no economic recovery strategy. This man came in on false promises and sold our country on shameful lies.