There’s No Substitute for Freedom

Happy 245th birthday, America!

As we gather to celebrate the greatest nation that’s ever existed on this planet, we are filled with gratefulness and overwhelming pride

Nothing can push down the American spirit, no matter how hard it tries. 

From one end of the country to the other, you can almost hear red-blooded patriots chanting with irrepressible energy.

At first the sound is faint, and then it gets louder and louder.

“U S A, U S A, U S A! U S A!!! U S A!!!!!!”

Can you hear it?

Living in America

When this country was founded in 1776, it provided a permanent antidote to fascism and communism. The lies of 1984 have no chance against the truth of 1776. 

Gaining independence from the corruption and lies of England wasn’t easy; it wasn’t quick and it wasn’t popular. 

At first, only an estimated 3% of the population was actively supporting the Revolution. 

However, do you know what gains support for your cause?


Once our brave revolutionaries sent the British scampering back into the forest and running away on their boats, people realized something profound. 

Freedom was here to stay and it was a gift from God. 

There’s Never Been Anything Even Close to America

There has never been another nation in history that even comes close to the greatness of America. The mere suggestion of that should bring laughter from every patriot. 

We know that this land is special, that its people are extraordinary; we know America’s opportunities and global influence are unlike anything that’s ever been seen. 

When John Hancock and Charles Thomson signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, it had already been signed by the 56 other Founding Fathers. However, their two signatures completed the process that set us on the path to independence. 

Now, as 50 United States across this homeland, we stand at a crossroads: 

Freedom or Tyranny. 

Freedom vs. Tyranny

People will try to tell you it’s not black and white. 

They will tell you it’s about taking the middle ground, about seeing the shades of grey, about staying safe, getting your vaccine, wearing your mask, and doing what the government tells you. 

I’m sorry to say, but those people are not patriots. 

Those doubting, hesitant voices are the ones who hid behind their windows while our patriots fought for independence. 

Those conformists are leading us down the road to tyranny. 

It may sound like an exaggeration, but this nation is in serious danger of losing its freedoms forever. Once tyranny comes, it doesn’t give up easily.

We must celebrate America loudly, proudly, and on every inch of ground in this land. We must think about the freedom we have and just how much blood it took to pay for that freedom. 

There is no substitute for freedom, ever!