There Was Voter Fraud in Georgia and Tucker Carlson Just Proved It

Tucker Carlson has been in the news a lot lately and there’s a reason for that. He’s reporting and commenting on actual news, not just nonsense propaganda like the other liberal media networks, such as CNN.

First, we found out that the Biden regime has been spying on Tucker via the NSA. Now, we just found out that Tucker received solid proof that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Facts First

Forget “conspiracy theories” and bitter losers: this is not about that. This is about facts.

As it turns out, Trump supporters were 100% right. This is a major moment in American political history and don’t let any Democrat or leftist take that away from you.

If you believed there was big time voter fraud in 2020 I have a simple message for you: You. Were. Right. 

Voter Fraud Confirmed in Georgia

You may have heard “Fulton County, Georgia” popping up a lot in discussions of 2020. The reason is that there was a lot of monkey business going on in Fulton County. 

Although, up until now, that monkey business has been hard to fully prove and has had an element of rumors and gossip to it. 

Did it really happen or was it just some deceptively-edited video that conservatives were trying to use to get Trump back in office?

No, it actually happened, as Tucker just confirmed on his program. As Tucker noted, a minimum of 36 massive batches of ballots and mail-in votes were counted twice in Fulton county. This amounts to over 4,000 votes. 

Double Counting? That’s Fraud, Zero Question!

The double counting was exposed by a group called Voter GA and a man named Bob Shealy. They sued to get this info released. 

Moreover, the fact that 4,000 votes were fraudulent in Fulton County has another interesting fact: 3,300 of those 4,000 votes went to you-know-who: Joseph R. Biden. 

Everyone could tell from five seconds of flipping on the TV that 99% of the media was in the bag for Biden.

The media spread so much propaganda about Trump from the moment he stepped into office that many of the sheep were ready to just take whoever came along as a replacement, even if it was a senile old man who goes around eating ice cream all the time. 

Perhaps that’s part of why when voters pointed to all the monkey business going on in the election, there was no real outcry. 

Then take Jan. 6 (and the successful entrapment and infiltration of the MAGA movement by federal agents and provocateurs) and you have even more hesitancy by conservatives to step out of line. 

This is big. As Tucker noted, this could “potentially” impact the outcome of the election. 

Don’t expect anyone to ever trust anything the liberal media says ever again. This story is huge. Spread it to everyone you know.