The UN Wants to Control How Much Beef You Eat

The United States is supposed to be a republic based on the US Constitution. The rule of law is intended to be the bedrock on which we’re built, along with the Bill of Rights and states’ rights.

However, as we have seen, there has been a steady erosion of our American freedom. The main reason is simple: globalism.

From inside our country and outside our country, the one-world ideology of globalism has taken root. It’s the idea of a one-world, high-tech system where everyone is highly controlled by a small group of elites.

This includes controlling what you eat, and how much.

No Beef For You!

One of the main sources of globalism is the United Nations.

The UN is not all bad, but its foundational principles are anti-American and authoritarian. Its ideas and goals are pushed by many of our richest elites, from Joe Biden to Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

Associated groups like the World Economic Forum or the Trilateral Commission are just spinoff versions of the globalist-communist ideology.

High on the list for these people is man-made climate change. They claim to be interested in stopping it and flying around in private jets to talk at conferences while drinking expensive champagne.

Part of the focus on fighting climate change is getting people to eat less meat, particularly red meat, such as beef. Bill Gates wrote about it in his latest climate change book.

However, as the UN’s Food Systems Summit comes up soon in New York, it’s important for people to realize just how extreme these goals are.

Gates and others want people to only eat soy or bugs, but their more immediate goal is to get people down to a maximum of 14 grams of beef per day.

In other words, these climate extremists are interested in getting you to eat a maximum of one mouthful of beef per day. What do you think the chances are that they’re limiting themselves to that much?

Pass the caviar…

Here’s Your UN Diet

The UN has decided you need to eat at least 50% fruit and vegetables per day and much less meat.

This will hit ranchers hard, but it’s also bad for people’s health to stop eating meat and all become weak vegetarians who nod along with Bill Gates.

Most actual nutritionists recommend eating red meat two or three times a week in servings of at least 100 grams each. Having only 14 grams a day is not enough for most healthy adults.

Vegetables and fruits are great, but families can make those decisions themselves about what they eat. We don’t need a nanny state controlling everything that goes in our mouths and telling us it’s being done to help the environment.

This has all gone way too far.