The True Meaning of Christmas Explained

Christmas is here, and it is a much-needed time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Our Savior.

This is a time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and why it matters for us today more than ever.

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. As the Bible retells, Our Savior was born to Mary and laid in a manger when there was no room in the inn.

Although a few wise men came to pay homage to the future Savior, the evil King Herod wanted him dead. Therefore, Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt to escape his snares.

During the darkest days of the year in a nation facing great turmoil, Christ came with a message that was meant for all men: there is hope and salvation for every soul.

It is never too late to start again, and even the coldest, hardest time has been blessed by God’s love.

At Christmas, we were given the greatest gift in human history. God Himself took human form in order to give us a way to live forever and be forgiven for our mistakes and wrong actions.

Christmas is about helping others, forgiveness, and standing up for what’s right. It’s a time of good cheer because it’s a time to remember the God of the whole universe believed human beings are worth the trouble to save!

That inspiring message is for all of us all the time. It has the power to lift all of us at our lowest points and spur us into action and motivation.

Patriot’s Christmas

Let’s not forget the most patriotic Christmas in American history: December 25, 1776. On this day, General George Washington led our troops across the Delaware River to face the enemy.

The ensuing fight at the Battle of Trenton led to the comeback of the American cause and our eventual independence.

It all started on a dark Christmas day when the spirit of liberty couldn’t be kept down by the forces of tyranny and darkness.

In other situations, such as World War One, Christmas was a time when troops stopped killing each other and sang carols together. Christmas has the power to bring us together in the worst times of all.

Merry Christmas!

As you gather with those dear to you, it’s a time to remember there is light in the darkness and hope after the storm.

The weather may be cold and our nation might be in a rough period, but we will get through this. We will support each other and spread good cheer and the warmth of the Savior’s love.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us here at Fresh Off the Press!