True Horror of America’s Educational System Has Just Been Exposed

We all have memories of school that are less than perfect. However, for many kids and teens attending school and high school today, they’re being exposed to horrible things that we couldn’t even imagine.

Take the story of Virginia man Scott Smith, whose Grade 9 daughter got raped and had it covered up by the school board of Loudon County.

Why the Coverup?

The reason the Loudon County school board covered up the rape is wokeness. The rape was done by a teen claiming to be “gender-fluid.” After all, the school board wouldn’t want to cause any controversy around psychologically damaged high schoolers who are obsessed with changing gender.

We’ve all heard about the National School Board Association (NSBA) and their push to get the Biden regime to consider angry parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.” The NSBA believes parents who are upset about things at their kids’ schools should be on watchlists.

One of the people they have in mind for this is Smith himself. He was cuffed by cops on June 22 when he and fellow supporters spoke up against giving special rights (like using any bathroom) to trans students.

Smith got arrested and hauled out of the meeting, an entrepreneur and American patriot outraged by a covered up rape of his teen daughter. People didn’t find out this was what Smith was so angry about until later.

However, the point is having trans teens in various bathrooms isn’t just some “hyped up” conservative talking point. It’s a real thing that leads to rape and harm; it needs to stop.

Smith is the Bad Guy?

According to the NSBA’s letter pressuring Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden regime to crack down on parents, the arrest of Smith shows why we need to start punishing “dangerous” parents more.

If they’re upset about LGBT issues, critical race controversy, or similar things, they’re basically terrorists-in-waiting, the NSBA says.

Smith was convicted of the crime and got ten days in prison; although, he never served them. The judge said as long as he goes to anger therapy and behaves well for a year, he will not have to spend time in prison.

What Exactly Happened?

According to Smith, during the spring of this year, his daughter was assaulted and sexually violated in the bathroom when a teen boy in a dress came in and started bothering her.

The school board is saying they don’t know about the sexual assault and saying even if it were true, it’s dangerous to feed into these kind of narratives.

In other words, they care more about their precious woke ideology than they do about the rape of a teen girl in a bathroom. Smith has every right to be furious. We all do.