The Top 5 Choices for the Democrats To Run for POTUS in 2024

The Democrat Party is already looking ahead to 2024 and trying to come up with candidates who could challenge whatever conservatives have to offer.

At this point, Biden says he will run again, but if that ends up not happening, then the Democrats will have to come up with other alternatives.

Biden said he “intends” to run, but that it’s not necessarily “firm” and he will wait to decide 100%. Let’s take a look at the top five other options for the Democrats to field as a POTUS candidate in 2024.

5. Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is a savvy politician who is one option for the Democrats.

She’ll be running to keep her seat in the Senate in 2024, but maybe she’ll end up making it a two-for-one and going for president as well.

4. AOC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a TikTok and Instagram star who also happens to be in the House of Representatives.

She has a definite shot of gaining significant support if she runs for president, particularly as she will characterize any opposition to her as racist misogyny and be backed up on such claims by the rabid left-wing media.

Watch out for AOC. She’s a political superstar; she knows how to twist people’s emotions and get votes.

3. Gretchen Whitmer

Next up, we have Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. For one thing, she’s governor in a state that’s very important to the Democrats and she’s positioned very strongly heading into the midterms.

For another thing, she’s a talented Democrat insider who knows exactly how to play the game, parrot the lines, and play the part that handlers assign to her.

In the column against her, like in the case of Klobuchar is that she’s white, which doesn’t play too well in today’s Democrat Party.

2. Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris and her presidential aspirations haven’t gone anywhere.

She’s willing to serve as VP for a man she called a despicable racist while running against him in the Democrat primary. How deep do you think her hypocrisy goes?

The answer is there is no bottom. This woman, who can barely string together two words and has no business being anywhere near the oval office, is definitely an option for 2024 for the Democrats.

1. Pete Buttigieg

In first place is Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s incompetent transportation secretary who has really accomplished nothing.

Nonetheless, he’s a smart guy who may end up running in 2024 as a way to try to package a working-class, diverse image for the Democrats. This would be an all-in-one effort to tap into various key demographics.

If Buttigieg does run, it will be easy to point out his failing leadership, but he is still a capable candidate and also shouldn’t be underestimated.