The Real State of the Union (It’s Not What Biden Said)

Joe Biden gave his State of the Union speech last night and it was full of lies. For one thing, he claimed we need to put the divisions of the past behind us and move forward.

Many of those divisions were made far worse by Biden on purpose; so it’s unclear what he thinks now gives him the right to just erase the last two years.

However, aside from that, Biden’s speech just wasn’t convincing. He tried to strike an optimistic tone, but nobody was buying it.

Here’s the real State of the Union, a response to Biden…

The Real State of the Union

We are in our second year of COVID, something Joe Biden promised to stop. He has not stopped it, and the numbers are still considerably too high.

We are dealing with record inflation; hardworking families are having a real struggle to put food on the table, as energy and food prices skyrocket under the Democrats’ big spending and big government policies.

We are also on the brink of a nuclear conflict with Russia. Biden’s weak leadership abroad and poor funding and organization of NATO led Vladimir Putin to think he could get away with a massive invasion of Ukraine.

No, this is not all Biden’s fault, but some of it certainly is.

Furthermore, let’s look at American society, where the radical left is trying to defund our police, let criminals out of jail on low bail, and put gun owners behind bars for exercising their constitutional rights.

Also, what about our schools, where the left is trying to push anti-American ideas like critical race theory and pushing woke transgender ideology on young kids?

Thank God for people like new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin who are trying to stop this insanity, but the left has already gone too far.

Don’t Buy What Biden’s Selling

Biden, Pelosi, and crew want to signal they’re now relaxed about masks and just trying to bring us all together. This is like an abusive spouse who tells you they won’t do it again and you can now stop worrying.

Less and less Americans are buying what Biden is selling, which is good news. What he’s really selling is debt, weakness at home and abroad, and a leftist mind virus for our families and kids.

Biden’s also trying to sell us on his Build Back Better agenda and getting everyone behind the wheel of an electric vehicle. Maybe this exists in his mind as a real thing and can be a motivation for his cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline and drilling bans.

Though as we see now with Russia’s invasion, cutting off the energy independence that President Trump built up for us was a disastrous mistake.

The state of the union is not strong, but hopefully, after this year’s midterms, it will be.