The Real Reason Democrats are Suddenly All Focused on the ‘Omicron’ COVID Variant

If you’ve been hearing a buzz in the fake news about the Omicron COVID variant, it’s not because they’re worried about your health. It’s because we’re headed towards the 2022 midterms.

Even the doctor who discovered Omicron in South Africa says the panic over it is insane and unjustified. She’s said “extreme” reactions by various governments are very unjustified.

Nobody has even been reported as dead from Omicron yet, but that doesn’t stop the onslaught of propaganda, new restrictions, and vaccine hype. The Democrats’ agenda couldn’t be clearer.

Tucker Carlson Tells the Truth

Tucker Carlson recently exposed the truth about why Omicron is suddenly all over our TV screens. It’s actually pretty simple: the reason is the Democrats want more manipulation power as we head toward midterms.

Polls show the lowest support for the Democrats in forty years. We’re looking at a red wave that hasn’t been seen since Moses crossed the Red Sea.

The left knows their policies and unpopularity are catching up with them. Their response to not getting their way is the same as what they always do: play the victim, ramp up fear, and – ultimately – unleash violent mobs if it still doesn’t work.

Omicron is one way to start ramping up the fear and panic and get people scared they have to vote for the Democrats if they want to be protected. It’s shameless propaganda.

The Biden Regime Wants More Power

The basic issue here is the Biden regime wants more power to run every corner of your life. Whether they use the CDC or any other means, the Omicron variant is the perfect way to start pulling everyone’s strings again.

It can also serve as an excuse for the horrible inflation that’s currently gripping the economy and Biden’s numerous failures on every front.

This is how tyranny grows. The ruling class gets an idea about how to maintain its grip on power and then comes up with excuses that fit the narrative.

This month it’s Omicron; next month it could be something else completely. With a liberal media that goosesteps right in line with the ruling regime, you have almost nobody to question the authoritarian psychopaths now running this country.

The Bottom Line

Nobody is even hospitalized in South Africa from Omicron. Yet every day, we are treated to more propaganda about why we need to focus on it.

The leftist media is part of a radical cabal that wants to overturn the American way of life and is working with the CDC, WHO, and White House to tighten its grip on this country.

None of this is about our health and none of it is even about a new variant. Just like the vaccine passports, this isn’t about controlling a virus: it’s about controlling you.