The Liberal Media Goes Berserk Over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a bright light for this nation and for liberty. He’s turned Florida into a beacon for freedom and kept the horrible leftist mob from overrunning his state.

DeSantis has stood tall during the COVID epidemic and not allowed Fauci and the Biden regime to trash our Constitution and force everyone under the needle and behind a mask.

Liberals are taking notice, and they’re not pleased. From the beginning, they have blamed DeSantis for COVID cases in Florida, but now the attacks are ramping up.

The left is worried, because DeSantis is not playing around. He’s in it to win it, and he has the tools and willpower to shut their lying mouths.

MSNBC Talking Head Says DeSantis is Worse Than Trump

Dean Obeidallah of MSNBC is a typical whining liberal who thinks he’s special. After his channel spent years going insane over Trump along with the rest of the mainstream media, Obeidallah and others are turning their bitter eyes to DeSantis and getting furious.

According to Obeidallah, DeSantis is “more dangerous” even than Trump. There’s a reason this matters. Remember how conservatives didn’t listen when the media went on its hysterical diatribes about Trump?

They tried to claim he was a Russian agent, a monster, a sexist, a racist and all the rest of it. All of us yawned because we’ve heard it 100 times before. They never change their tune.

Now that Trump doesn’t have as public a role and DeSantis is a leading contender for 2024, the leftist gaze is switching over to him.

All the Things DeSantis Has Been Right About

DeSantis has been right about so much it’s hard to sum up in one article. The short version: he’s right on COVID and how it was stupid to try to completely shut down the economy to get rid of it.

He’s right about not forcing vaccines, but making them available to everyone who wants them. He’s right about no mask mandate and allowing kids to go back to school.

He’s right that defunding the police is idiotic and dangerous. He’s right that protesting leftist mobs blocking the road no longer have legal protection.

He’s right that Iran is a dangerous foreign regime who wants to harm us and our ally Israel. He’s right that the economy needs to grow and prosper. We need hope again as a nation, not scared defeatist nonsense from the Democrats!

Opposing Liberal Lies

If liberals have their way, DeSantis will become a monster in the public eyes. He will be bullied, slandered and lied about 24/7 on the liberal networks and they’ll even probably start astroturfing protests against him.

They will claim every person who dies of COVID is on his hands. Why? Leftists hate freedom. As for us patriots? We love DeSantis and what he stands for!