The Left Just Hit Trump Very Hard

For four years, President Trump was attacked every day by the far left in this country. He was insulted, slandered, and even falsely accused of treason for one very simple reason: he stood up for America.

Putting America first, put Trump right in the crosshairs of the worst people in our country and shadowy globalists who hate freedom and humanity.

Trump stood up for us all, but the crusade against him never ended. Despite two unsuccessful attempts to impeach him, the left still isn’t done.

The latest news from the radical left’s anti-Trump obsession is hitting him right in his bank account.

What Happened?

Yesterday, Judge Arthur Engoron passed a verdict on Trump, ordering him to pay a $110,000 fine. Trump will also be required to undergo further judgment.

The reason for all this is accusations of corrupt business practices that have been hounding Trump for years now.

The Southern District of New York (SDNY) attorney’s office has been after Trump for years, pushed by the far left and their allies across the country.

Trump was also accused by Engoron of lying to the court in an affidavit, which is a legally binding statement that’s made before a court of law.

Specifically, Trump, in this case, reportedly lied about details of the Trump Organization and its real estate business.

The judgment requiring Trump to pay out $110,000 was calculated by requiring Trump to pay $10,000 in fines per day, starting on April 26 and ending on May 6 when the judgment was decided.

Trump’s Defense

Trump’s lawyers, Michael Madaio and Alina Habba defended him. They said the prosecution was unfairly referencing Trump’s social media posts in order to find him guilty of lying, but this is not legally enforceable.

In particular, they noted Trump complied with the investigations and should not have been found guilty of any wrongdoing. This legal case is ongoing; it remains to be seen what dirt the prosecution can dig up, but one thing is certain.

The left has a very clear goal here: they want to prevent Trump from running again in 2024. They want to make sure the momentum and energy he brings to politics is kneecapped and kept in check so the Democrats can try to rebuild by 2024.

Currently, the Democrats are struggling badly and are facing extremely poor poll numbers ahead of the midterms.

They want to make sure they can bounce back from this and have a winnable election in 2024. Whether that includes Biden running is an open question, but the point is Trump is a tough opponent and the left wants him eliminated.

The Bottom Line

Trump has until May 20 to pay this fine; if he doesn’t pay it, the amount will go up even more.