The High Price of Not Wearing a Mask

For over a year now we’ve been bombarded with messages about masks. 

Wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask.

Forget the fact that the regular masks do almost nothing to stop COVID, as chief medical adviser Dr. Tony Fauci admitted in several interviews.

Forget the fact that fresh air and sunlight is actually good for your immune system and killing viruses. 

No: wear the mask!

Now one New York woman has found out the consequences of not wearing a mask firsthand, after her personal injury lawsuit ran into big problems when her own lawyer wouldn’t wear a mask in court. 

Giant Gavel by Sam Howzit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘The Most Important Protocol is Wearing a Mask’

Brooklyn Judge Lawrence Knipel didn’t react well when the woman’s lawyer woudldn’t wear a mask. Her lawyer, Howard Greenwald, complained that he simply couldn’t breathe properly while wearing a mask and was having trouble speaking. 

“I want the record to reflect that I am speaking with great difficulty. I want to the record to reflect that I am sweating profusely from the effort,” Greenwald said, before adding “I just can’t do this.”

When reminded by Knipel that it was required for him to wear a mask during all court proceedings, Greenwald acknowledged he understood. 

“I don’t contest the rule. I just am not physically able to comply with the rule to do my job as a lawyer,” he said. 

The judge wasn’t having any of it. He himself had COVID last year and wouldn’t give any leeway. 

“Forget about my personal experience with COVID. We have over half a million dead in this country. We have protocols. The most important protocol is wearing a mask,” Knipel commented, before dismissed the case. 

The lawsuit was about a 2017 car accident where the woman had a serious leg injury. The woman launching the lawsuit will have other options to continue her case, but it’s certainly a major frustration and roadblock to her search for justice and compensation. 

Taking off the Mask

As Fauci and others have acknowledged, basic cloth or mesh masks don’t really do much. N95 masks have proven to be more effective, but there is no requirement that people specifically wear them. 

However some technology upgrades are on the horizon which could improve the mask situation, including a kind of mask that now diagnose and sense viruses and then sterilize the air around you to kill the virus before it can get anywhere near your respiratory system.

“We are seeing innovations that will make mask wearing safer and more environmentally friendly,” said Ana Rule, director of the Exposure Assessment Laboratories and an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

As mask technology improves there is reason for some optimism, although questions remain about just how affordable masks like that would be for the average citizen.

But it also raises bigger questions like: when will this pandemic be over? And when can we stop wearing masks and being hassled at every place we go?

Is this new normal going to be permanent? We were told vaccines would return things back to an easygoing open pace of life, but it turns out that you still need to wear a mask and comply with all sorts of rules. Meanwhile vaccine passports go into effect in several days in New York and will be coming in other states as well. 

So much for the whole freedom thing.

Weird technology billionaire Bill Gates keeps saying the pandemic will be over at a later and later date and recently said it won’t be until the end of 2022. First of all, how does he know? And secondly, who the hell elected Bill Gates president?

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