The Far Left’s Dangerous New Strategy for Forcing the Green New Deal on America

As the midterm elections approach, you can tell the Democrats know there is trouble ahead. Polls show the highest support for Republican candidates since the 1980s.

Joe Biden is showing no leadership and the war in Ukraine has made many Americans realize just how costly it can be when your nation is seen as weak by foreign enemies.

The point is Biden is on the way to becoming a lame-duck president; his Green New Deal agenda looks like it’s toast, but Biden has a new idea which he’s now openly threatening.

Biden: Time to Go on an Executive Blitz

We know Biden and the Democrats love to talk about democracy. It’s practically their favorite word, except when it ended up getting Donald Trump elected in 2016.

Another time the Democrats don’t like democracy is when it gets in the way of their policy plans. As of now, that main plan is the Great Reset, or as Biden calls it the Build Back Better bill.

It’s been stalled by Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, but Biden still wants to cram through as much of his Green New Deal as possible.

That’s why he hasn’t responded to the skyrocketing gas prices with ways to bring down the price, but with talking about electric vehicles and blaming Putin.

The point is to force Americans to go green, even if it costs them their jobs and homes. It’s another way to move towards the big government, digital ID centralized government that Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, and Justin Trudeau have wet dreams about.

For the rest of us, it means that Biden is going to be using executive orders even more than he already has been. The result is there will be a much bigger mess to clean up in 2025 when a Republican is sworn into office as our next POTUS.

Lobbyists Come Calling

The Green New Deal isn’t just about being nice and helping the environment. It’s also about making money for special interests and handing out huge checks to donors.

Various lobby groups representing parts of the Democrat base are now increasing their efforts to get Biden to start dashing off more executive orders and passing the green agenda, even if the people don’t want it.

After years of locking us in our homes and making us wear masks that did nothing to stop a virus, why wouldn’t Biden do more executive orders and force through his agenda?

Even if Republicans win big this November, a lame-duck Biden is going to be a menace behind the Resolute Desk.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s on immigration, inflation, foreign policy, or social issues, Biden is no longer interested in what the American people want. In fact, he never was.

Get ready for an avalanche of executive orders.