The Democrats’ Plan To Bypass the Supreme Court

The Democrats are trying to bypass the power of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) because they don’t control it.

This follows the same playbook as the far left always uses: pretend to care about principles and then cheat if you don’t win.

We’ve seen an avalanche of stories accusing conservatives on SCOTUS of all sorts of scandals. These scandals are part of a coordinated plan to destroy the power of SCOTUS and force it to be left-wing.

Discrediting and Packing SCOTUS

Keep in mind that socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren still wants to pack the court and grow the number of justices. In this way, the constitutional-leaning majority on the court could be replaced by radical leftists who agree to remake America in the globalist image.

Warren has been suggesting this for a few years now. Meanwhile, the coordinated campaign to discredit Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Neil Gorsuch, and Justice John Roberts continues.

News broke of a nice vacation Thomas took and the fact that one of his companies had one word different in the name than what had been written on official records.

Irrelevant information was discovered about Gorsuch that wasn’t a conflict of interest in any way, but the media acted like it was. Roberts’ wife was “exposed” as a top law school recruiter; although none of her recruits has come before SCOTUS and thus it’s completely irrelevant.

The purpose is clear: discredit SCOTUS’ conservative members until such time as the court can be packed.

The Democratic Strategy

The Democratic strategy is fairly simple: the party is firing on all cylinders to do anything they can to get rid of this obstacle. George Soros and the Democratic handlers want to eliminate the last hurdle to their full control and that is SCOTUS.

This is why the decision on Roe v. Wade was leaked; this is why even at the state level such as in New York, Justice Juan Merchan was installed by NY Dems in order to ensure Trump had a big enemy in power judicially.

This is all banana republic third-world dictatorship behavior by the Democrats.

Goodbye Rule of Law

The Democrats have no respect for the rule of law and are determined to discredit and ruin SCOTUS. We can’t let them get away with it.