Democrats Are Making a Huge Mistake Ahead of the Midterms

With the midterms coming up, Congress is about to have a big swing in power.

With Republicans polling their highest in half a century, things are not looking good for the Democrat Party and liberal candidates.

With that in mind, you’d imagine the Democrats are pouring money and resources into trying to keep the red wave from drowning them.

Though as it turns out, this incompetent and foolish political party is actually wasting its time and money on people who have no chance of winning.

This is very good news for conservatives and points to the joke the Democrat Party has become.

Burning Money for Burnout Candidates

For all of us who’ve been paying attention, we’ve noticed one thing: Democrats aren’t really even trying to convince Americans to vote for them anymore.

They’re just trying to punish those who resist them and force their ideology on us all.

That’s part of why they’re flooding the southern border with illegal immigrants to import armies of new voters who will do their bidding.

Part of the new Democrat Party is their top donors care more about making big media statements and spreading propaganda than they do actually winning races.

This isn’t the first time, either. Currently, Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia is being opposed by legions of leftist money for her Democrat opponent who has zero chance of actually winning.

More examples abound. They basically amount to a Democrat Party that’s so incompetent, it doesn’t even try to win anymore. It just throws money at people to try to spread propaganda and create false hype.

Democrats Dumping Cash

We can look at a long history of the Democrats dumping cash just because they have it.

Much like Joe Biden’s tax and spend strategy, on a political level, the party basically believes in spending as much money as possible, instead of actually trying to convince people to vote for them.

We can see another recent example from the past when Democrat candidate Jaime Harrison drummed up over $100 million to fight back against Senator Lindsey Graham. It did nothing and Harrison still got badly beaten.

We saw in Kentucky how the Democrats dug up a candidate called Amy McGrath and poured $90 million into her coffers to get rid of Mitch McConnell. The result? She still lost by a landslide.

A lot of this is actually small-time donors who are angry about Republicans and Trump and are giving whatever they can from their suburban hideaways in all-white neighborhoods.

The result is they emotionally dump money into unwinnable races in order to feel nice.

This is driving Democrat strategists insane with anger as they watch the activist base waste money on making impotent political statements that don’t actually lead to seizing or holding power.

The hilarious part is Democrat propaganda infected their own base so badly that it’s actually backfiring into people giving money to races that are a waste of time.

What’s Going On Down in Georgia?

Democrat veteran Marcus Flowers is running against Marjorie Taylor Greene, urging people to “send Flowers to Congress.”

Sure, he may have a clever tagline, but this guy is an unknown with no chance of winning. Just wearing a cowboy hat doesn’t fool Georgians so easily.

Though Flowers is more than enough to fool naive Democrats and small-time donors across the country, who are pouring their pension funds into this unwinnable race.