Democrats are Hiding How High the Murder Rate is in Blue States

It won’t come as news to readers that blue states are being swept up in a murder wave. Homicide is way up. Carjackings are way up. Robberies are through the roof. Rapes are crisis-level.

They’re much higher in blue states like California, New York, Illinois, and Washington. Blue states are being driven into the ground by Democrat policies that let violent criminals out of jail.

However, they’re also being sunk by straight-up denial and lies. Take Pennsylvania, where the city of Philadelphia is in the middle of a historically high murder wave that’s terrifying the city.

It’s not just that the left won’t deal with resolving and cracking down on the homicide spike; it’s that they won’t even admit it exists. Seriously.

The Left is Intentionally Hiding Murders in Philly

By this summer, Philly already passed 400 murders. In 2020, it had 502 murders in the whole year, which was already high, but this year, it’s on track to double that or more.

The thing is it’s even worse than that because there are hundreds more murders that have been recategorized as “suspicious” or “sudden.” This avoids them being classified as murders.

It also keeps the rate from jumping by such a high amount that people realize there is an emergency on the streets of blue cities. Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw is clearly trying to keep the murder rate from shooting through the stratosphere.

A convenient “S” category for suspicious deaths helps to keep that number down. Philly has the fourth biggest police department in America, with almost 7,000 officers. There are now over 150 “S” category deaths so far this year.

Philly is Full of Crap

Let’s be clear. Not all “S” category deaths are murders, but a good number are. By keeping it undefined, the police department can take a bit of the pressure off. If everyone knows you have a murder epidemic, they will wake up to the fact none of this is OK or normal.

Police representative Ralph Cipriano said he was “heartbroken” about the huge rise in murders this year. However, the desire to still hide these numbers is suspicious and doesn’t show a real desire to change.

When you look at the actual practices of the police department in Philly, it hasn’t gotten tougher on crime. Likewise, officers are still sent out without proper tools and authorization to deal with violent gangs and criminals.

Instead, the city is pumping over $150 million into “prevention of violence” initiatives like “trauma healing” and “mentorship.” Feeling inspired by a mentor is great, but it doesn’t do much if you get gunned down in a puddle in an alley one morning.

Enough of the Democrat Lies

The Democrats claim to care about minorities. Then, they let criminals out of jail who gun down minorities. They do nothing to stop crime. Then, they encourage police to hide murders? This has got to stop.