The Cop Who Killed Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 Speaks Out

The cop who killed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 is speaking out and he says he’s not sorry. Babbitt was unarmed; she was also part of a group that entered the Capitol building when the 53-year-old Capitol Police Officer Michael Bird fatally shot her dead.

Babbitt was a veteran and a patriot who was killed for protesting. The liberal media mocked her death and said she got what was coming. If this had happened at a BLM protest, the entire country would be burning. However, because it was a white conservative who loved President Trump, her death means nothing to the traitors in charge of our country.

Babbitt-Killer Byrd Speaks

Byrd has already been identified by some media and was getting angry statements from people. The federal government told him to go into a secret location out of the public so his life wouldn’t be in danger, but now he’s speaking out about what happened.

Byrd has served on the Capitol police force since 1993 and already faced problems in the past for doing his job poorly. This includes forgetting his loaded gun in a bathroom at the Capitol building in 2019.

Byrd has been found not guilty of any wrongdoing in the killing of Babbitt. In fact, he claims that his murder of her “saved countless” other people who would have died if she had gotten through to other areas of the Capitol.

Call me naive, but what exactly would Babbitt have done that’s so horrible as an unarmed woman exercising her right to protest? Killed people with her words?

What Exactly Happened on Jan. 6?

On Jan. 6, as Babbitt and others entered the Capitol building, VP Mike Pence and other members of Congress were shepherded to safety. Protesters were shouting at them and came to the Senate and House chamber, trying to interrupt the certification of the presidential vote.

Byrd saw Babbitt with a group of protesters near the lobby of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, killing her on the spot. This idealistic patriot was gunned down while unarmed because Byrd got scared and wanted to prove a point. His lawyer calls him a hero and says his use of force was fully “justified” in this case.

Here’s the Truth

The truth is that Babbitt was murdered; meanwhile, Byrd is trying to get some limelight and soothe his battered conscience. It may help him sleep at night justifying his murder of a young woman in the prime of her life, but murder is murder.

Babbitt was not killing anyone, and at most, she should have been arrested or tasered for trespassing and being part of a mob. Byrd is a murderer propping up a decaying regime under the senile traitor Joe Biden.