The Communist Chinese Olympics Just Got Very Bad News

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games have now started in Beijing, China.

They are supposed to be the most exciting sporting event on earth, a time when the best athletes in the world compete for gold.

However, this year’s Olympics are stained with blood and the stench of communism. Despite China’s fervent attempts to shut down free speech and control the optics, these games have a big problem on their hands.

The problem is simple: people don’t want to watch.

Americans Boycott the Beijing Olympics

The bought-off Biden regime didn’t have the stones to boycott Beijing, but Americans do. A new poll out from Morning Consult shows an average of 56% of Americans don’t want to watch any of the Olympics this year.

Specifically, when you divide it down by political beliefs, 60% of Republicans don’t plan to watch any of this year’s games. 43% of Democrats don’t plan on tuning in and 65% of Independents don’t plan to watch any of it either.

The reason? For 40% of all these people, the reason is they are opposed to China’s Communist Party and are boycotting these blood-stained games.

That’s a high degree of awareness about China and its crimes against the world, especially from Independents. This really shouldn’t be surprising, either, since Independents tend to be people who think and decide for themselves.

China Rubs Salt in the Wound

Who said communists have no sense of humor? China appears to have a very sick sense of humor and desire to humiliate, sending out an Uyghur athlete to start the Olympic Games and light the flame.

Can you imagine being forced to open up the games for the same regime that is murdering and enslaving your own people? It’s sick beyond belief, but it literally happened in these Beijing Games.

The truth is China believes it can get away with anything…and why shouldn’t it?

Its massive navy and airforce have been violating Taiwan’s airspace and waters for years. It launched COVID on the world with zero consequences from free nations. It’s carrying out a Holocaust, while being cheered on and collaborated with by American companies like Nike and Apple.

China is spreading its awful ideology all over Africa and the developing world. They’re doing it via poisoned loans that enslave countries. Now, China is even reaching its tentacles into Afghanistan to make deals with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime and American left are doing absolutely nothing. Of course, China thinks they can get away with murder: they already are.


Boycott Beijing

If the blood of all the dead people from COVID isn’t enough for you, keep in mind the suffering and death of China’s Uyghur minority.

They’ve had their Xinjiang region systematically destroyed, enslaved, and murdered by China’s giant bingtuan military corporation. Of course, this is happening at the behest of dictator Xi Jinping to erase Uyghurs’ culture and genetics.

Boycott Beijing. It’s the least you can do.