The Communist China Olympics are Turning Into a Nightmare

The 2022 Winter Olympics are currently taking place in China; although you wouldn’t know it from how few people actually care.

Ratings are at historic lows and over 40% of Americans say they don’t plan to watch, due to the abuses and crimes of the Chinese communist government.

However, that doesn’t mean that athletes aren’t still competing over there; now reports are coming in that China is doing a terrible job of hosting the visiting competitors.

It’s not only the food, which is reportedly awful and not enough to fuel up world-class athletes. It’s also freezing cold housing units, uncomfortable beds, and fake COVID tests in order to eliminate their competition.

Let’s take a look at the accusations.

What’s Going on in Beijing?

According to numerous athletes competing in Beijing, the 2022 Olympics are a nightmare. First of all, there is the matter of COVID. China has very strict isolation procedures for anyone who tests positive.

Athletes have to test before leaving for China and then test again when they arrive. This has resulted in numerous individuals being found COVID positive who were told they were COVID negative when leaving their home country.

The coach of Finland’s hockey team said many of his COVID negative players were told they have COVID after arriving. He says he believes the tests are fake and are being used by China to eliminate their competition.

Another biathlete who didn’t have COVID tested positive after arriving and is now in an isolation cell losing weight rapidly. She believes he might not feel up to competing in a few days.

This means less competition for Chinese biathletes.

It Gets Worse

Then, there’s the food. German ski coach Christian Schwaiger said the food isn’t anywhere near good enough to provide what high-performance athletes need.

Maybe China got its supply for the Uyghur concentration camp mixed up with its stock for the Olympic village because this food looks terrible.

As for those who are in charge of making sure host countries don’t cheat and persecute athletes, that’s the International Olympic Committee.

They say these Olympics are perfectly normal and that locking athletes in small rooms who test positive is just keeping everyone “safe.”¬†As for the food, the IOC hasn’t commented.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping certainly gets to eat whatever he wants; you can bet good money that China’s team is eating delicious and nutritious food.

However, visiting athletes stuck in rooms without proper heating, basic food, and losing teammates due to randomly positive COVID tests have very good reason to be suspicious.

The Bottom Line

Communist China is a shady, dangerous place. We should never have sent athletes to their Olympics or even recognized this year’s Olympics as valid.

These athletes are being treated like dirt and humiliated when all they want to do is compete.