The Cheapest City in the World to Buy Property

As inflation skyrockets around the world and right here at home, people are looking for solutions. For those who have to drive, the policies of the Biden regime against American energy are especially frustrating.

For those looking for somewhere to rent or buy, prices are horrifying. Then, even if you can get a home or apartment, the price of food is forcing many people into diets they never chose.

Now, new information from the Demographia International Housing survey is showing where the cheapest place is in the world to buy a home, and it’s right here in America.

Welcome to the Land of Cheap Homes

According to this survey, the most expensive places to buy a house in the world are Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong.

In terms of North America, if you want to empty out your wallet for a small house or apartment, go to San Jose, California, or Vancouver, Canada. They are among the worst prices on the planet for a place to live.

However, if you want to get good prices, there are some better options. According to this report, the best deals on the planet are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rochester New York, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis Missouri.

If you’re heading up north you can also try the half-decent prices of Edmonton, Canada in the province of Alberta. Here’s a bit of a deeper look into some of these options…

Here’s the Thing About Pittsburgh…

Pittsburgh has some nice areas, but it’s far from paradise.

The one thing you can say for Pittsburgh is it is at least a bit safer than Philadelphia. Yet, it’s far from ideal; things have only gotten worse since Democrat Mayor Ed Gainey took over last year.

Pittsburgh’s homicide rates are off the charts. It had 120 homicides in 2021, and that’s not even getting into the avalanche of thefts, rapes, carjackings, and assaults it had.

As you can imagine, the most dangerous areas of Pittsburgh are the cheapest. The areas which are safer are gated communities and upscale suburbs that are far more expensive. That’s why you need to take this survey’s results with a grain of salt.

After all, sometimes when a thing looks too good to be true, it’s because it is!

Choosing Where to Live

A record number of Americans are moving out of blue cities like Pittsburgh because they’re just not safe and because Pennsylvania state taxes are through the roof.

That’s not to mention the overbearing nanny state which we saw swing into action during COVID, shutting business and ending economic freedom.

If you had to choose between the cities in this survey, you’d be much better off moving to somewhere like Oklahoma City run by Republican David Holt.