The Biggest Grinch of 2021

Christmas should be a time of joy when we gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of Christ. Sadly, it’s being attacked and eroded from various directions.

That’s why it’s time to announce this year’s biggest grinch. It will not surprise you to hear the biggest grinch of 2021 is most certainly Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Tony Fauci: Liar-in-Chief

Fauci deserves all the blame he gets and more. He has lied about every single part of COVID since it first started; he’s even worked to block treatments for the virus in order to push the ineffective, experimental vaccine.

This lying liberal is a perfect example of why blue states in our country are driving record inflation and why Americans are so much more stressed out than usual.

He’s even had the gall to say Christmas is canceled if you’re not vaccinated. Fauci may not be aware, but not everyone needs to be told how to live their lives by a man who’s been wrong about every single aspect of COVID so far.

In fact, the biggest Christmas present Fauci could give America at this point would be to shut his lying mouth and leave us alone.

Merry Christmas, Tony

Now, Fauci has said he won’t be spending Christmas with his family. That’s his business! Stay safe out there, pal. I recommend a nice warm cup of hot chocolate while you sit in an igloo somewhere.

Canada may be a better fit for Tony, in fact. Already, one of its provinces of BC has announced no groups over ten people can gather and the unvaxxed can’t leave their homes during the holiday season.

These stronger rules will surely make Tony feel safer than he does in the dangerous freedom that still remains in parts of America.

Why not head for the Great White North and never come back, Tony? Just an idea…

Goodbye, Grinch!

None of us want to hear what Grinch Fauci has to say anymore.

He’s exhausted all of his credibility and he belongs behind bars for the way he has wrecked this country, failed to save lives, and lied about masks, the vaccine, and safety measures.

He should just be thankful some of us are in enough of the Christmas spirit that we don’t chase him down a street and throw snowballs at him. This guy is a walking joke who doesn’t deserve to be called a doctor.

So, while he lines up for his 100th booster shot that doesn’t work (and gives you COVID), the rest of us will be doing our best to focus on the bright side and celebrate the holidays in a festive spirit.

Goodbye, Grinch. We don’t need you around anymore.