The Biden Regime is Letting Andrew Cuomo Get Away With Murder

Liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a terrible man. He’s sexually harassed almost every woman he’s ever crossed paths with; Cuomo also spent the COVID pandemic writing a book about how he’s a hero while killing old people. 

How did he kill old people? Simple: he forced nursing homes to accept older folks who were COVID positive. For his trouble, our radical left media showered Cuomo with praise and talked about him like the Second Coming. They worshipped at his feet and handed him awards for his actions. 

Finally, once the truth started to come out, liberals pretended to care and be horrified. The Department of Justice even launched an investigation into Cuomo’s nursing home crimes. Now that investigation is being dropped. 

Thanks, Biden!

The Heartless Biden Regime

Cuomo wasn’t the only dirty Democrat who ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-positive folks. Democrat governors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey are also accused of doing it as well. 

The DOJ started an investigation under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) in October last year. However, now the DOJ is backing down and dropping the investigation, deciding not to pursue anything under CRIPA. Translation: sorry grandma died, but Democrats did it, so we don’t care. 

The Biden Regime has no heart and this shows it better than anything.

Republicans React With Rage

Congressman Steve Scalise reacted to the news that the DOJ won’t look any further into this by calling it “outrageous” and saying that the deaths of “thousands of senior citizens” will now go unpunished. “Where is the justice?” Scalise demanded. He’s absolutely correct. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) already warned about situations like what happened at the nursing homes in March. Governors had plenty of warning and official guidance on why they should definitely not allow that situation to occur. 

The CDC guidelines said that if any situation had no choice but to let people who’d had or currently had COVID in, then numerous safety precautions must be taken. The Democrat governors and their staff ignored it and let grandma die. 

Democrats Responsible for Thousands of Dead Americans

When Democrats like Cuomo forced nursing homes to let everyone in, they were repeatedly warned by healthcare advocacy groups not to do it. They did anyway. Thousands of elderly folks died, including an estimated 9,556 in Pennsylvania at old folks’ homes and over 6,000 in New York nursing homes

So while we listen to the Democrats and their senile POTUS rant at us all about the vaccine and pressure us with their fake compassion, let’s remember this story. Cuomo and his cronies let old people die while handing themselves awards; Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research that led indirectly to the death of millions and we’re supposed to believe these people care about us?

Absolutely absurd bull crap.