The Biden Regime Has Some Advice About High Gas Prices

Gas prices are at their highest rate in decades. They’ve been going up at the fastest pace in recorded history.

We are now seeing gas cross $6 in some areas of the United States, with some experts predicting gas could go as high as $10 per gallon in some areas of the country.

With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the world’s energy markets in crisis, now would be a time for real American leadership. What we’re getting instead is more Biden regime idiocy.

Biden is Beating Us Up at the Pumps

Joe Biden is expected to announce that America is banning all imports of Russian oil.

However, American imports of Russian oil only account for 8% of Russia’s market. This will not make much of a dent unless Germany and other major Russian oil importers get onboard.

So far, there has been no concrete indication they will do that.

Under President Trump, America cut itself off from sources of foreign oil and became energy independent. We became an energy surplus nation, self-sufficient and powerful.

As soon as Biden got into office, he axed the Keystone XL pipeline and made it illegal to drill on federal land. He did everything he and his Democrats could to push this country into line with the Green New Deal agenda.

It didn’t work in passing Biden’s Build Back Better globalist legislation, but his measures did work to do one thing: raise prices at the pumps and inflation to records that used to only be in our nightmares.

Biden’s Lackey Buttigieg Brags About His Incompetence

Now, instead of actually doing anything to deal with the runaway prices at the pumps, Biden sent out his lackey Pete Buttigieg to tell us all to calm down.

Buttigieg is a failed presidential candidate who has done an incredibly bad job as Transportation Secretary.

He presided over the ongoing logistics issues we’ve been having at our ports and did nothing to solve it, preferring to stay home with his partner, Chasten Buttigieg.

Now, Buttigieg has come out and simply told people not to worry about high gas prices because it just shows why they should all be buying electric vehicles (EVs).

This would be good advice if EVs were affordable and actually a good technology, which they’re not. Though the constant arrogance of this regime is to tell us what we can drive and try to force us into doing so.

Flashback to 2018

In 2018, President Trump gave his speech at the United Nations in New York.

This den of globalists was all cued up to mock and ignore what Trump said, even though he unleashed a whole lot of truth.

One of the things he said during this time is depending on a “single foreign” country for your oil was a security risk and countries like Germany should not be relying on oil from Russia.

The diplomats from Germany were recorded laughing and smirking while Trump said this. Who’s laughing now?