The Biden Administration’s Disturbing and Racist ‘Equity’ Plan

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President Biden’s pick of Susan Rice to head his Domestic Policy Council sounds like just another boring cabinet selection.

But it’s actually a big sign of the way his administration is going to head.

Rice is well-known for her brazen lies about Benghazi and propaganda role in the disgraceful Obama Administration.

Now she’s a spokesman for Mr. Woke Biden, pitching his insane “equity” plan which will basically make race a central focus of his administration and try to force equal outcomes on people based on racial quotas.

Because if there is one thing America needs right now it’s more focus on race. 

Wouldn’t you agree? I’m already feeling a little more “united” just typing that.

U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice speaks at the 2015 Saban Forum ‘Israel and the United States – Yesterday, today, and tomorrow by BrookingsInst is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Equity, Equity, Equity!

Rice said “equity” 19 times in her comments about Biden’s new policies, while the President said the word nine times. So what does this word mean? It basically means the opposite of treating everyone equally: it means treating people as unequally as possible to ensure they get similar life outcomes.

It means left-wing tyranny and policies that are so stupid they will make you slap your face to see if you’re having a nightmare.

Things like saying the 100 day pause on border security is because of racial injustice. Things like recommitting to a focus on the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing policy which basically imports “diversity” and low-income people into wealthier suburbs in order to promote equality. This sounds like a recipe for success!

Housing discrimination has already been illegal since the 1968 Fair Housing Act, but the Biden Administration isn’t trying to stop discrimination in housing. They’re trying to force change that reflects what they regard as correct. So if people of color are living in a poor part of a city with more violent crime, they must be told to move to rich areas and then the problem will be fixed.


Intersectional Insanity

Essentially, the Biden Administration is adopting the policies of intersectionality promoted by lunatic racists like Ibram X. Kendi. He says almost every problem can be traced to White people oppressing others and blames “systemic racism” for anytime a non-White person does not succeed.

His offensive victim narrative labels every White person an inherent racist and says that outcomes must be equal in order for there to be real progress.

Equity is the word to watch out for, with many policies on the way. Get ready to hear about race every damn day you wake up.

As Rice said: “Every agency will place equity at the core of their public engagement, their policy design and program delivery to ensure that government resources are reaching Americans of color and all marginalized communities — rural, urban, disabled, LGBTQ+, religious minorities and so many others.”

So much equity. The inspiration is overwhelming. So much unity!

Why is it that this list probably doesn’t include, say, rural Christian conservatives who don’t support gay marriage and don’t want to attend diversity training when they go to their job or have their kids learn about how gender isn’t real and transgenderism is super great?

Why is it that these people aren’t part of the diversity rainbow?

We all know why. All this talk about respect and tolerance is a thin disguise for the real objective: demoralizing and excluding White people, Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters, libertarians and anyone else who doesn’t fit the progressive cult. The Biden Administration is showing every day that it’s not in the least bit interested in bringing people together: it’s interested in forcing a dangerous far-left vision on America and undoing every part of our society.