The Best Way to Fix America’s Economy in 2022

Joe Biden forced his way into office by promising unity and the end of COVID. He also said he’d restore our economy and get products made in America again.

Then, he came into office and began a deranged campaign to undo President Trump’s legacy and collapse our economy.

COVID shutdowns, an open border, and vaccine obsessions have led us to the brink of economic disaster and record inflation.

Here’s how to fix it.

Putting the Economy Back Together

The best way to start putting the economy back together in 2022 is to begin undoing the disastrous policies of the Biden regime. This government cranked the printing presses up to maximum speed to pay for their big spending spree.

They’re currently trying to pass the Build Back Better agenda, which would create a civilian climate army and hand out money to donors all across the country.

The best way to start rebuilding our economy is to stop Biden-flation and get our ports up and running again. Let’s stop the prices of gas from going even higher before it’s too late, and let’s do what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has done.

We must open up the economy and let people make their own health decisions, instead of forcing decisions on people and shutting down the economy over a disease with a high survival rate.

Down With Tax and Spend

All the Democrats ever do is repeat the same talking points about how the rich haven’t paid their “fair share.” At the moment, people like socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren are attacking the world’s richest man: innovator Elon Musk.

However, the truth is this just distracts from the real issue. Now, the real issue is the Democrat tax and spend philosophy is bogus and dangerous.

When you let the country slide into recession and then try to hide it by printing money, eventually, reality shows its face. Then, the economic grim reaper comes to call and we get what we have now.

We get food that’s too expensive to buy and gas that isn’t worth pumping it’s so expensive. We get Biden-flation and all the nightmares that go along with it.

Let’s Go Back

We need to go back to the policies of President Trump. They were working, so why did we undo them? Has our shutdown actually decreased COVID deaths?

If so, then why does Florida have the lowest COVID rates in the nation when it didn’t shut down? Why does pro-lockdown New York have such high COVID rates?

Let’s start paying attention to facts and demanding our leaders do the same. We don’t have the luxury of allowing elitist Democrats to run this economy into the ground.

Let’s open things back up and get America back to work.