The Afghan Taliban is Stronger Than Ever Before

America may be on the way out of Afghanistan, but the Taliban isn’t. The Afghan terrorist group is more powerful than it’s been in a number of decades; it is now coming close to retaking its former stronghold: the city of Kandahar. 

America and our allies fought hard for every inch of ground we liberated in Afghanistan. Now, these scum terrorists are retaking it. So, we’re calling in the air support once again…

American Airstrikes Begin Again

Even though our troops have been ordered to leave by the end of next month, the US is not willing to let Afghanistan and key cities like Kandahar fall to enemy hands. 

Afghan forces have been trained up; still, there’s no doubt that many of them don’t seem to have the willpower or bravery to fight back against the terrorists who are still swarming over their country. For that reason, US airstrikes are picking up once again. So much for Biden’s withdrawal. 

Kandahar was a crucial site of Taliban power during its stranglehold on the country. It has a population of about 600,000 and is also economically important. 

The Taliban are currently coming at the city from three sides, overrunning key valleys that coalition troops had formerly secured, and blowing up armored vehicles and equipment being used by Afghan forces. 

The Taliban are now about two miles from key bases near Kandahar. 

Top US General: ‘Tough Fight’ Ahead

Top US General Frank McKenzie met with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani recently. He said that America won’t back down on Kandahar and will keep raining munitions if necessary. McKenzie said it will be a “tough fight” to ensure the city remains out of Taliban hands. 

The details of the airstrikes haven’t been released, as they are still occurring in a live combat zone where disclosure could threaten our troops and their ability to wage war. We do know there have been over ten in the past week in Helmand province and Kandahar to wipe out Taliban positions. 

Locals Are Afraid

Locals in Kandahar say they are afraid the Taliban will take over again. US airstrikes have destroyed Taliban vehicles to stop them from killing Afghan forces in an ambush, but the situation is far from positive. 

The Taliban have already rushed forward in many areas of the country, including an important economic hub on the Pakistani border called Spin Boldak. This has helped many more terrorists cross in from Pakistan and join up with the Afghans in the campaign to retake the country and force it under their harsh version of Sharia law. 

The situation in Afghanistan is spiraling back into chaos and violence. This country is a nightmare and it doesn’t look ready to get back to anything resembling peace for a long time. Pray for our troops.