Texas Police Kill Mexican Illegal Accused of Raping Two Young Girls

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Texas police shot dead an accused Mexican illegal alien pedophile recently after he brandished a weapon at them during a routine traffic stop.

Good rule of thumb: don’t point a loaded weapon at a cop.

“We are thankful no innocent community members or officers were injured,” the Arlington Police Department tweeted out after the shooting.

The man who was killed is Juan Jimenez-Salas, 46, and was wanted on 11 felony counts.

It turned out that he wasn’t even supposed to be in the US and that he is wanted for very serious crimes.

After being gunned down he was later identified as an illegal alien from Mexico who had already been deported and then reentered the US at some time and been later accused of sexually abusing the two young girls of his girlfriend in Arkansas.

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Jimenez-Salas’ Long Record of Child Rape

According to the Arkansas police, Jimenez-Salas was deported from the US 20 years ago because of a number of rape and sexual assault charges.

“Approximately 20 years ago, he was arrested on felony charges similar to that on what we have on him in this case now. And he was deported back to Mexico,” explained Captain Scott Harwell.

But then he came back. Police don’t know when or how. But with the border the way it’s been perhaps that should be no surprise.

Following the shooting police said they are still investigating why Jimenez-Salas was in Arlington and when he illegally reentered the US. At the time of being killed he was wanted by police for five counts of rape and six counts of indecency with a child for allegedly abusing the two daughters who were 6 and 8-years-old.

Police have been looking for Jimenez-Salas since late last year after he had been reported for the abuse. He was caught after the young girls told their dad that Jimenez-Salas had raped them in a hotel room while traveling with their mom (his ex-girlfriend). The girls are currently safe with their dad in Texas.

Authorities managed to track Jimenez-Salas to Texas and knew he was somewhere in the north of the state. They put out an advisory to look out for his vehicle and police pulled him over when he broke a traffic law.

Jimenez-Salas withdrew a handgun, pointing it at an Arlington police officer. The officer responded rapidly, discharging his weapon at Jimenez-Salas and killing him instantly.

Justice is Served

Let’s face it: Jimenez-Salas deserved to die. He got off easy with only been shot instead of the crueler fate that any child rapist deserves. Who knows how many more kids he might have victimized if he was able to keep evading cops.

The officer who shot him down responded appropriately to the situation when he was faced with a threat to his life from an armed suspect wanted on numerous child rape charges.

It’s not only the Texas cop who deserves to get credit either. Arkansas police did some great policing in helping track the monster down.

“We lucked up and had a phone number that we were able to track and in that lead gave us information tying us to Arlington, Texas,” Harwell said, noting that they’d been trying to get Jimenez-Salas since late last year when a Grayson County, AR dad reported that his daughters were being abused by his ex’s boyfriend.

The poor young girls who were victimized are going to be dealing with the trauma inflicted on them for the rest of their lives, but at least there is one less hulking pedophile predator walking the streets of America today and looking to victimize more kids.