Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has a New Solution to the Border Crisis

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is known for coming up with solutions. He’s a man of action who gets the job done. 

His latest proposal has the Biden Administration stressed out, because he’s come up with a way to make progressives pay for their border crisis and the burden they’re putting on Texas. 

Texas in particular has been footing the bill for many of the illegal aliens who cross the border and the expenses that come up. 

Abbot is telling county judges who are in charge of Texas counties to add up the money they have to spend on illegals and send it to the Biden Administration to pay. 

The message is simple:

You want to leave a mess all along the border of the great state of Texas? You’re going to pay.

Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General by Talk Media News Archived Galleries is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Texas in Crisis

Various counties around Texas have already had to declare states of emergency because of the onslaught of illegals coming into their area. Local governments aren’t flush with cash and just waiting to create shelters and places for hundreds of people to suddenly stay.

That’s not how any of this works, despite the Biden Administration’s lack of foresight or interest in the situation being faced by real Americans right now. 

In addition to asking county chiefs to send the bill to Biden, Abbott is also the brain behind Operation Lone Star which uses air, ground, marine, and tactical border security features to send to areas of the state with a lot of human trafficking and drug running and do their best to stop it.

But when it comes to the cost of housing and dealing with the huge amount of people actually spilling into Texas – the actual number of which is being undercounted by as much as 80% from people who are never even caught at the border – Abbott is pulling no punches that it’s up to the feds to pay.

“Securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility, but the current crisis has placed a costly burden on the State of Texas and on our local governments. I have heard from many counties about the challenges they are facing from the surge in illegal border crossings,” Abbott said. 

‘Our Fellow Texans Should Not Be Forced to Shoulder These Costs’

Abbott explained that from his perspective Texas is being unfairly burdened with huge costs when it is the Biden Administration who should be shouldering the weight.

“Several counties have declared local disasters. Other counties have been working around the clock in response to the federal government opening migrant facilities in their counties. I strongly believe that your county, our state, and our fellow Texans should not be forced to shoulder these costs, and that the federal government should reimburse us in full,” Abbott said. 

Democrat county CEO of the county where the border city of McAllen is located, Richard Cortez said that even bigger changes need to happen in addition to the Biden brood paying for transporting, housing, feeding and testing asylum-seekers.

“We want to make sure that the federal government has a comprehensive immigration plan. We cannot continue to deal in a piecemeal basis and constantly change the policy from time to time, based on the current administration. I believe the United States of America needs a comprehensive immigration plan to determine what our needs are and once determined that is the goal,” Cortez said.

Translation: Democrats like Cortez want amnesty.

Amnesty is certainly not the answer, although some reform and clarity on rules needs to happen as soon as possible.

Trump tried to get immigration reform too, but was blocked by the Democrats trying to take it too far. Then Biden came in and made insane executive actions that opened the floodgates. Fast forward to today. This situation needs to change. 

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