Texas Governor Greg Abbott Cracks Down Hard on Illegals and the Biden Regime

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing what Joe Biden won’t do: protecting America. This patriot isn’t like some Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). He actually walks the walk, not just talks the talk. 

That means he’s doing what it takes to stop the illegal immigrant swarm pouring over our border and plugging the gaps left by the Biden regime in their plot to collapse this nation.

He’s also stopping mask mandates and vaccine passports from being shoved through by Fauci and his ilk in Texas. Want to bring open borders, mask mandate Faucism to the Lone Star State? No can do. 

Abbott Moves into Action

On the illegal immigration crisis, Abbott has ordered Texas National Guard troops to immediately arrest any illegals caught crossing the border. He’s not joking around, and it’s definitely time to get ultra serious. 

We found out recently that the Biden regime let 50,000 illegals out into the country without a court date! About 13% of them actually reported back to ICE for a court date. The rest are somewhere in America and they could be working for MS-13 drug gangs or coughing COVID all over Chicago by now. We have no way to know. This is goddamned outrageous!

Abbott has also issued an executive order allowing Texas authorities to search vehicles for any illegals being stowed away; this has resulted in the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland saying they will sue his state if he doesn’t back down. 

Biden wants to protect those illegals and make sure they get somewhere they can safely vote for his bloated socialist welfare state! The actions of Abbott are absolutely vital to help try to slow down the liberal enemies within our gates who are breaking the law and the Constitution as they flood us with possibly COVID-positive illegals. 

20,000 Illegals Caught Crossing a Week, Just in the Rio Grande Valley!

The Rio Grande Valley alone is seeing 20,000 illegals a week coming over and that’s just the ones who are caught. This year we’re already close to hitting one million illegal immigrants stopped at the border and we’re likely to hit two million by the end of the year. 

In the middle of a pandemic with our kids being told to put masks on if they go back to school, Biden is letting literally millions of people wash into this country. It is so traitorous that it’s hard to even describe. 

Abbott and other governors, such as Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, have asked for help to get the southern border secured; meanwhile, South Dakota and Florida have helped out with their National Guard troops.

The Biden regime has failed to protect our border, and Abbott, Ducey and others are doing what they can to get help from other states, but ultimately it may be up to them to deploy state guard troops and do what they can. 

Which is exactly what Abbott is doing…and while we’re on the subject, good on him for taking a stand against Faucism.